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What's worse?

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Default What's worse?

What's worse and why? A guy who doesn't follow certain SOP out of ignorance, or a guy who knows the SOP but picks and chooses what they follow?
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Intentional noncompliance.
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Rather than rush to judgement I would need more information to answer the question.

For example most manuals have verbage that allows a captain to deviate from procedure for unusual circumstances. This is separate from emergency authority.

So a pilot may brief a deviation of some sort due to unique ramp conditions, etc. That's okay, and, in fact is not a deviation from standards.

Skipping certain elements for convenience is intentional noncompliance.

What happened?
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Originally Posted by rabsing76 View Post
What's worse and why? A guy who doesn't follow certain SOP out of ignorance, or a guy who knows the SOP but picks and chooses what they follow?
Better yet... ask which avenue will promote the fastest breakdown in CRM?
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In the military this philosophy served me well....

If you don't know the rules/SOP, you're incompetent.

If you follow them rigidly, you're uninspired.

A flexible and inspired combat leader knows the rules as a baseline from which to deviate as needed to accomplish the goal (peacetime = safety, wartime = victory).

In civilian aviation our goal is safety, and the rules cannot (nor do they pretend) to address all possible situations. But you should follow them unless you have a good reason not to. That keeps you out of regulatory trouble, and also it's possible that there might be a good reason for a rule that you're not aware of.
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Laws are for the guidance of wise men and the blind obedience of fools. is attributed to Solon, the Lawmaker of Athens, from 559 BC
or Douglas Bader or Harry Day.
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