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Originally Posted by rekatron View Post
If you want to have thoughtful, theoretical internet debates, then carry on. I'm just keeping it 100% real: the younger generation at this airline sees through all this BS crying about "safety" and "oh no we have to protect the new hires". They want their money.
You got through a pretty well formed paragraph about forming rational opinions, & still somehow managed to wind up back at “safety concerns are BS”.

I have news for you. 90% of what’s on the internet is BS. You can choose to look at the least coherent arguments from the other side & entrench yourself in your present opinion, or you can seek out the productive dialogue & take part with an open mind. If you’re convinced everyone around you is such an unethical idiot, all you’re doing is building a wall around yourself that protects you from having to consider cogent points that contradict your opinions.

Maybe you & the younger generation that sees everything so clearly might try “keeping it 80%” & give a 20% effort to listening & not assuming any opinion that challenges yours is BS.
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Originally Posted by iahflyr View Post
Terminal 9 at LAX will be open this decade.

A350’s will not be coming to United.

I’m not sure when IAD will get fixed…
The current plan looks very similar to the plans from the late 90s, with a walkway from terminal 8 that goes over Sepulveda.
I don't see this decade as much different than the last two. I'll take the over on this decade.
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