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Default AA Interview Process

We are pleased to announce that we will begin recruiting new pilots and will begin accepting pilot applications on Oct. 1, 2013 the first time in more than 10 years.

Weve been doing a lot of work behind the scenes to prepare for our newest team members, and weve shared some information along the way about the process. But now that we have finalized the details, we want to disclose the hiring process with you, so that you can be aware of the procedure and share this information with future recruits.

Phase I Selecting the best

As you can imagine, since our last hiring phase, weve added some significant technology to our selection process in an effort to manage the anticipated volume of applicants, as well as help us identify those whose background and experience most closely align with our needs.

We will use state-of-the art software designed to evaluate applicants by virtue of the flight-related data they provide in their online application.

Additionally, candidates will complete an online assessment designed specifically for pilot selection. The criteria for this selection were designed using information gathered from dozens of current American Airlines pilots. Through their feedback, we developed a questionnaire that focuses on a candidates ability to assimilate well with both the Flight Department and the new American Airlines culture.

Phase II Determining the best fit

Selected candidates are asked to complete a video interview. Through this interview, we can better determine their interpersonal and communication skills, along with their ability to think on their feet. The strongest candidates are invited to meet with our team in person. During this time, candidates will undergo a two-day assessment that combines technology and personalized interaction with our Flight team, which will give them insight into their potential new company and allow us to realistically gauge their fit within our group.

Day 1, we will conduct a Pilot Skills Test (PST). The PST is a new, computerized evaluation program that measures the critical skills necessary to become an American pilot. Day 2 is dedicated to a two-part, face-to-face interview conducted by Captains and First Officers from all of our crew bases and members of the Pilot Selection Department. The questions are behavioral-based, and our goal is to get an accurate picture of a candidates demeanor and decision-making skills by learning about actual situations theyve encountered through their career.

Ultimately, this two-day assessment allows us the opportunity to learn more about our prospective new team member and for them to learn more about the Flight Department and American Airlines.

Phase III Waiting for the call

Once we have a complete picture of the candidate, the final step is to have their file evaluated by the Pilot Selection Board a panel made up of several members of the Flight Department, including Vice President of Flight, Captain John Hale and Chief Pilot Line Operations, Captain Bart Roberts. The approved candidates are then contacted by the Flight Department and given a conditional offer with American Airlines. We then schedule a medical exam and once the results are known, we will make the final call confirming our conditional offer.
We anticipate the entire process from the point that someone is identified by the automated process until they show up for orientation and training to be approximately two months.

We think we have a good process in place and were excited to be seeking out those individuals who not only possess the ability to do the job for which they interview, but who also possess a passionate desire to do it.
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S no simulator check? Computer-based skills testing... Like ATP questions? Or Delta's hand-eye coordination stuff?
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Originally Posted by ANCFRTDG View Post
When the ball is in your court and you have roughly 3000+ well qualified applicants then you get to make the rules.

This will be the new norm for a while so long as there is no lack of candidates.
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I heard stage IV is a gladiator fight. Survivor gets to move onto stage V.
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That's pretty rough compared to the US process.
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where is the astronaut medical bio-sheet, the flow chart, with great grandfather's blood type and your mom's brother's uncle's smoking habits ?
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As has been said, AA is doing it this way because they can. In the 80's and 90's the process was even more intense.
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Back when most guys had a Commodore 64, if they had a computer at all, it was a multi-day interview, a sim ride, and astronaut physical for all candidates. Expensive and a PITA for all concerned.

This process is probably going to be a lot more efficient. And yes, they get to make the rules. No one HAS to participate at all in the process.
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Lets forget the fact that 80% of the applicants are coming from the regionals and those rodents have not proven they can fly our passengers and perform in the 121 environment. The skills test will help us determine if they can fly at all, because once you move over to a main line operations everything changes. Give me a break. In this day and age all the airlines have to do is a meet and greet and request ones training record from the regionals to evaluate an applicant. Seems to me a wast of time. Delta does the same ridiculous thing. As for the other people applying ie... Corporate, flight instructors and military I can see the reason for this process after all it's about customer service , CRM and working as a crew in the airline environment and understanding the airline work ethics. There is a lot of airline experience that has built up at the regional level thanks to 911 and the age 65 rule.
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