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Airline Apps Data Entry

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Default Airline Apps Data Entry

Coming from 135 cargo and preparing applications for airlines through airlineapps. I previously worked as a maintenance technician for a corporate flight department. Because of this I have attended over 10 courses at flightsafety (MX initials, Engine and Avionics courses, corporate cabin attendant), many other courses that are somewhat related (open water survival, CPR/First Aid), and a countless number of online courses (HAZMAT, MVRSM, and safety).

Should I include these courses in the education history on airline apps?

I also hold some other certificates that do not have a place in airlineapps. Things like an Inspection Authorization, Aircraft Electronics Technician, and others.

Should these be included anywhere in the application?

Do the regionals even care since they are not directly related to flying?
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Regionals probably don't care. In fact they are probably more interested in facts that hint that you might possibly stay with them for a while as a PIC. Such as older, reside in one of their botique domiciles, etc.

I'm pretty sure I only listed higher education, not certificate or vocational training. You could reasonably list significant vocational training, like A&P training, but it's probably just clutter to list many short training events. Exception might be for flight-safety related stuff, such as accident investigator, safety officer, etc.

The other stuff can go on your resume. But again, you want to strike a balance with clutter. This would be a good question for interview prep, since the balance is specific to each person's circumstance. Ie a USAF Aacdemy Grad with a masters from MIT and space shuttle commander time can pretty much leave it at that. The rest of us may need more fluff to fill it out.
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