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Old 02-18-2010, 05:20 AM   #1  
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Default SE-COMM add-on to ATP-MEL

I've got a student who flies for a major. He's got a PPL-SEL, as well as an ATP-MEL. He wants to do a commercial add-on for SEL privileges.

From reading the commercial PTS, it looks as though only the items marked ASEL are likely to be tested. Chandelles, lazy eights, eights-on pylons, and maybe some of the short field stuff. Everything else he has demonstrated on other checkrides. Is this correct?

Second Question: If he wanted to combine that checkride with a CFI-SE checkride (not initial, already a CFII/MEI), is that possible? Does the CFI have to be a separate checkride? If a CFI candidate can demonstrate instructional ability from the right seat while demonstrating Commercial SE maneuvers, does that qualify?

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For the 1st question...Does he hold a COMM-AMEL? If so then for the add-on he will only have to demonstrate the maneuvers as you listed however if this is an initial Commercial ride then anything on the PTS is fair game.

For the 2nd question...this is from the DPE Handbook Section 15 101.e.2

(2) Determine that the applicant holds at least a commercial pilot certificate or an ATP certificate with an aircraft rating appropriate to the flight instructor rating sought. If the applicant is seeking an airplane flight instructor or an instrument flight instructor rating, verify that the applicant has an instrument rating.

I would assume he has hold the COMM-ASEL before he is eligible to start the checkride for the CFI-ASEL ride. Granted he could probably still do them on the same day but not on the same flight.
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Default Add on the ATP ASEL

If he is already an ATP, just have him add on the ATP ASEL. It's easier that way. He won't have to do Chandelles, Lazy 8's, 8's on Pylons, or steep spirals until he trains for the CFI.
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