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I think what is going on here is crazy. I am not trying to be negative or deceive anyone at all. This Eagle Jet program for Lion Air is unfair. Don't pay this rediculous fee. If you pay, you are being irresponsible.
You can wait it out.Lets here from people on this matter. I allready know that some people think that this crazy scheme at Lion will work. Don't forget that you are a professional pilolt, and not a manager.
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It’s not only irresponsible, but it’s downright offensive! The only winners are Eagle Jet and Lion Air, the ‘Prostitutes”. Eagle Jet receives a windfall profit, and Lion Air gets free labor from these spoiled brats. Where is a 23 year old going to get the ready cash for such a program. No bank is going to give an individual without any means of support or collateral a loan. Thus enter the picture Mommy and Daddy. I can only hope that the parents of these children say NO!!!! to such a scheme!!!!

The future children of the magenta line are part of the problem too. Terms and conditions for professionals who have and continue to earn their way into the cockpit will never improve until these miscreants, Eagle Jet, Lion Air, and the children of the magenta line are weeded out from our profession!

I turned down a TRI/TRE position with Lion Air over a year ago. In a letter to both Lion Air and Rishworth I stated that I will never be a involved with such a repulsive entity that promotes P2F program as it undermines our profession. I stated that it would be a demonstration of the utmost disrespect to my fellow professionals who are trying to improve our term and conditions within our industry.

I can only hope that Airline Pilot Central will never accept one advertising dollar from Eagle, Rishworth, or any other entity for that matter that endorses a P2F program. If they did then, vicariously, APC too, would be part of the problem.
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