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Old 10-03-2008, 02:13 PM   #1  
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Default Any good overnight stories?

I'm stuck on a 22 hr overnight right now and boredom is taking its toll. I worked out, watched movies, walked around, went out to TGIFridays...and they wouldn't serve me beer cus I didn't look old enough and they've never seen a NH license before...those TSA guys know how to have a good time...anyone else got any good/funny overnight stories??
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Spent about 18 hours in Tiblisi Georgia one night and stayed in the Sheraton. We ate at the hotel restuarant, quite nice, then went to the hotel bar where I was served a shot of Russian Vodka that knocked me half way across the room. The bartender told us about a bar underneath the hotel so we wanderd out side around the building an went on in.

Not crowded, but not exactly busy, so we ordered a couple rounds and did a little people watching. There were three "go go dancers" who must have been pulled off the street a couple hours before and shown five dance moves because they did the same in thing over and over.

A friend of the bars owner came over to us eventually. The dude was an American who had come over to Europe as a contractor during the Balkans conflicts and migrated to Georgia. It's been a few years but if I think about some social reject who would order a bride from siberia and escaped from the US with his life savings to live it up as a "rich guy" in a poor country I can remember him fairly clearly. There were several smoking hot women in groups by themselves in the joint and we were about to the point where we were going to try out our American charm when we learned from our new friend that they were either on the job or they were girlfriends of mafia members. Bad choices all around.

All in all an interesting night. The next day an Air Force dude from the embassy came over with his cab driver buddy to show us the town. Five of us stuffed ourselves on really good georgian food in this little run down cantina for about 15 dollars at lunch.
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I have a lot of great overnights working charter. Some I wont tell to complete strangers on the internet, others are less interesting but still some of the greatest memories of my life.

I have spent time fishing in Canada, skiing up and down the Rockies, hunting in the great plains, and enjoying the night life all over.

One of my worst overnights came a few months after I had a motorcycle racing accident where I dislocated my shoulder. Anyways, it was a the first night into a week long stay in Durango, CO. Another pilot and I had a good time hitting up the local restraunts and bars sampling a lot of local beers before retiring back at the hotel late that night. I woke up around 10am with my arm tucked up behind my head feeling like it had fallen asleep (tingles). I tried to get up only to find that my shoulder was out of joint and I couldnt lower it below my head without causing some serious pain. To end this story in a timely matter I ended up spending the afternoon in the hospital with some doctors that had no idea what they were doing. That put a serious damper on the next couple of days until my shoulder got back to normal.
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Old 10-08-2008, 07:10 PM   #4  
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I was the Aircraft Commander of a KC-10 crew that was ferrying F-15s from Alaska to Florida. During our stay in Panama City FL., the Air Force loaned us a "blue bomber" ... one of those really old crew buses.

We decided to have dinner and we drove the bus down to the main drag and settled on a seafood outfit on the water. After dinner, we decided to leave the bus parked in the restaurant parking lot and to walk to a strip club.

As we enterred the strip club parking lot, naked strippers, half naked strippers, and some patrons suddenly started running out of the front door. We were in amazement because you just don't see a bunch of naked strippers running out the door towards you -- what a welcome party!

Unfortunately, seconds laters, flames ripped through the center portion of the roof and within minutes, the entire building was engulfed in flames. Several cars/trucks parked along and near the building were damaged due to the excessive heat.

The strippers were crying and upset that they were "losing everything". It was hilarious because some were trying to find clothes to put on while others didn't seem to care. Most had their 15 minutes of fame as they had their "Jerry Springer" moment talking to the local news outlets.

My crew decided to go to a bar located adjacent to the stip club and several of the girls joined us. Some of us tried to capitalize on the situation; however, everyone was unsuccessful. The girls were just way to upset about losing their cash cow.

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