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Introduce yourself

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I am a First Officer at a major cargo airline
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Default Hello

I am an E145 F/O at American Eagle. Trying to use this website to further my career.
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Corporate pilot trying to get back the airlines.
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Hi I'm just starting at US Airways. Formerly American Eagle Capt/check airman.
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Where shall I start?
After a brief but stellar stint at Starfleet Academy which included my unbreakable record of being the only Cadet to defeat the Kobiyashi Maru simulator, I was commissioned Lieutenant on the USS Farragut. While dazzling the "Brass" with my utter disregard for the "Prime Directive" they finally saw fit to promote me to Captain. After conquering numerous enemies and a few green Orion slave girls if you know what I mean.... I was eventually promoted to Admiral.
Life as an Admiral didn't really suit my wandering ways or eyes! So I embarked on a career in law enforcement working alongside that guy from Grease 2 and Tommy Lee and Richie Sambora's chick. After retiring form the LCPD force and collecting my pension, I enrolled in law school and found some work in Boston.
Along the way I dabbled in advertising doing some spots for an online travel company along with my evil twin.
I could go on and on but no one likes a braggart.
So here I am!
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Default Intro

Certified pilot trying to find the best way to build flight hours and avoid the usual way of building flight hours by instructing
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Previous member whom could not access account and had to create new one!
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Hey guys and girls. I'm a military pilot wanting some insight on part 121 operations and airline information in general. Approximately 1600 hours total time.
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I've been with ExpressJet for 8 years, just looking to move on.
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I grew up with a 747 captain for a father so I've always been into aviation. I started flying just under three years ago, and have just shy of 2000tt & 1000me. I had the opportunity to work for a busy pt. 91 carrier that allowed me to fly several aircraft and build hours quickly.

I start class for a new job at a regional carrier next month, and I am very excited to take 'the next step', and experience some new adventures.
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