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UPS Interview Gouge

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Default UPS Interview Gouge

UPS Interview Gouge
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No one has run with this, so here is my 5 year old gouge that is growing fuzzy.

The UPS online application will automatically grade you and place you in one of three stacks: Active (you meet the requirements HR is currently looking for), Inactive (you are close but no cigar), and a third category whose name I forget (build your resume and apply again during the next window).

Once you have applied and met the Active criteria, the system will pull qualifying applicants for HR to review and select for phone interviews. This was a resume review that ended with an offer to take the Hogan. The email with the Hogan never showed up, so I pinged my HR POC via email and the Hogan showed up shortly thereafter. Once I completed the Hogan successfully, I dangled for a week or so and then received a phone call offering an interview on about two weeks notice.

This was preCovid so my interview kicked off at 6 am in Louisville with a sim interview in the A300. You are on the hook for your airfare to and from the interview. After a brief review of essential numbers you takeoff and fly (all raw data) some vertical S’s. Then I shot an ILS that ended in a missed approach due to never breaking out. I was offered and accepted a purely voluntary shot at landing. That went well. I was asked to grade myself and gave myself a C. My justification was I wouldn’t have killed us, but it was an unsatisfactory performance if I had been qualified on the airplane. This was followed up with an interview with a management pilot and a lady from HR. I evidently didn’t totally screw it up.

A couple weeks after the interview I received an email with my “pool” letter. This was followed up just before Christmas with a phone call offering me a class date.

On the subject of class dates. I was retiring from the USAF and my interviewers were very particular with what they would accept as an availability date. They don’t care about any drug deals you might have worked out with your leadership. The earliest they want you is once you are terminal.
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