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Skybus 2

Old 08-30-2008, 08:41 AM
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Default Skybus 2

Looks like Skybus is gonna try it again. Good luck guys and gals.
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Hey !If at first you don,t succeed try ,try again
Good luck with that .
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The problem with this guy is that he thinks the central Ohio valley is the equivalent to New York or Los Angeles, full of potential customers. Even Allegiant which flys MD80s to mostly undeserved counties, have a base in Las Vegas and Orlando. It's not hopeless, if Allegiant can do it without being challenged then why not a startup? He just needs to get out of the central Ohio valley mentality. VA is still around and they're based in SFO.
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This guy must have been dropped on his head a few times too many. If it did not work the first time what makes you think it will a second.
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He sounds like a snake oil salesman that has moved his show to the next town.
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did he make alot of money off of skybus?
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Another airline corpse waiting to be buried.
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The reason Skybus failed was his pilots were overpaid the first time. Now with so many kids on the street, he should be able to rustle up some cheap labor.
Yep, less expensive pilots should work just fine.
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Based in Springfield, isn't that the hometown of Bart Simpson. Shall we nickname it the Bart Simpson Airline?
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If you think Columbus is a dump, wait until you see Springfield. It is a true craphole.
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