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And a good suit, shirt, tie, and shoes!!
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Originally Posted by Twin Wasp View Post
(but I've heard rumors it's going away under the new contract.)
magic 8 ball sez: MOST PROBABLE

You just have to go with the flow. It's nothing to have half a dozen changes to your schedule.
For those that fly domestic, think of the weather jacking up the hub, and your pairing has a W, X, Y, or Z after the number.....

On the good side, my last operating leg (which replaced a deadhead leg) has disappeared so now I get to go home a day early.
I just got the "you go home early" deal too. It's like finding $20 in your pants pocket, or a cold beer in the fridge when you roll in late at night and swear you were out.

It's not a normal airline.

Cheers and beers, brother.
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Originally Posted by Twin Wasp View Post
We're all on reserve! Atlas uses PBS (but I've heard rumors it's going away under the new contract.) There are over 100 FOs based in JFK. There are 6 or 8 reserve lines in the March bid. They have 6 or 8 days in them you can mix with a short line. If you bid a regular line scheduling will add reserve days to your pattern to bring you up to 17 days for the month. If you requested 17 days in a row, they'll be added to the front or back of your line. If it's not 17 days of flying - very few are -and if you didn't check the commuter box, they'll just throw 4 or 5 days somewhere in the month, whatever it takes to bring you up to 17.

This month I got a 15 day line and they added two standby days at home at the begining. I think it had 5 operating legs. The pattern exploded before I even left the house. Went down to 4 legs. Not even the same starting city. I had the company send me to the plane a day early because the weather looked iffy for getting out on the second day of the pattern. I HAVE NOT FLOWN A SINGLE LEG OF THE AWARDED PATTERN. You just have to go with the flow. It's nothing to have half a dozen changes to your schedule. Not delays but you're not on that flight anymore. It went up to 6 operating legs and then dropped to 5. On the good side, my last operating leg (which replaced a deadhead leg) has disappeared so now I get to go home a day early.

It's not a normal airline.
Thanks, it’s a lot like what I’ve done for uncle sam only better rules better company ect... I can't wait to get a call for a class date. Patiently swimming
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Originally Posted by olivierit View Post

I only have 1,150 TT and got called for an interview while down in MIA with a 135 operator foor an SIC spot. I have 2 suits, but was informed by my brother, who is a Director with another TRAVEL INDUSTRY COMPANY, that no one wears suits for an interview…so I wore BLACK DRESS SLACKS with a LONG SLEEVE DRESS SHIRT with a CHECK PATTERN, and BROWN LACE-UP DRESS SHOES AND BROWN BELT.
I got rejected and was told it was because the DO is a stickler for guys wearing suits…even though he looked like he’d pulled his shirt through a knot hole that morning.



Yo T next time wear your Tux!
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1) I read in a previous thread that you guys can take home 75K the first year. is that still realistic? any idea what will bring the new contract in terms of pay?
2) a friend of mine interviewed recently and was told new contract was coming in april and that atlas pilots will have "a lot more time at home". does anybody have some specific info regarding the new contract in terms of maximum days away from home?

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You would have to credit 108 hours a month to hit 75k your first year after two months on training pay. I've heard the rates are going up but no idea how much.

Again, its hearsay, but what I've heard about the new contract is the pilots still owe 17 days and can still be involuntarily extended. What changes is there will be a trip rig and each day will cost the company 4+ hours pay so it will become financially painful for the company to leave pilots scattered around the world.

Just heard the Arbitrator's hearing has been postponed till March which will delay the new contract another month.
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Any calls today? Going by last month's timeline, I was hoping that maybe word would go out today regarding a March class.... back to treading water...
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Just talked to the Atlas HR folk at the WAI conference. Apparently they are going to begin requiring furloughed folk to resign their seniority number at their past employer. Also said interviews in 3 weeks and they have a ton of resumes.
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Come on JTG76, I thought you were a patient goldfish like myself!! (you interviewed in Jan. as well??) Ha, no I agree, anyone getting a call for class... , please post right away!
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Yep. We had a young lady who returned to her previous employer (AirTran) within weeks of getting her -400 type. Didn't tell anyone, just didn't show up for a trip.
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