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Here on earth I am known as JAFO- Just Another F/O.

I'm just sayin !

Happy New Year !!!

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Originally Posted by Talon1011 View Post
When I interviewed back in 2010 I just stayed at the Day's Inn there on 36th. It's way more affordable and is a quick 5 to 10 minute walk from the Crystal Palace (and Bryson's Irish Pub). It's not the Ritz, of course, but I've stayed in way worse while on reserve with ATA back in the day! Just a thought.
I agree... The Days Inn isn't terrible. I stayed there back in September for the interview. Solid hotel with cheap rates. It's close to that sports bar down the street. I can't remember the name.
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Originally Posted by BayBum4Ever View Post
Here on earth I am known as JAFO- Just Another F/O.

I'm just sayin !

Happy New Year !!!

Did you forget the other F?


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I guess FNG would suffice also...
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I believe their is a Holiday Inn Express right there as well, thats where I stayed in 2010.
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I stayed at the comfort inn (walking distance) and got a crew rate from them. They have a shuttle service from airport to hotel and a free breakfast.
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Id like to know as well, Thanks
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Anyone know a way to review the questions you missed on the technical test? Didn't score nearly as high as you fellas in the 80s, but passed and got the interview call the next day.
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For those having trouble with the Courtyard regarding booking: I spoke with both the front desk and reservations at the property and no one was aware of the Atlas crew rate. I then called the central reservations system (1-800-321-2211) and had them do a search for Atlas/Polar and they were able to quote me a $71 rate. Sounds like there are lots of other options out there as well.
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Tanker Driver, thanks for the heads up on calling Courtyard central reservations (1-800-321-2211). I called and was quoted $229, but after they looked up Atlas they came back with $71. Anyone else interviewing on the 15th I'll see you there.
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