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Old 03-28-2019, 07:51 AM   #1  
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Default Best College w/ Professional Flight Major?

I just wanted to know how hard it is to get into Purdue University's Professional Flight Program. Right now (as a HS sophomore), I have a 3.8 GPA and taking 3 AP classes (AP Physics 1, AP Comp Sci, AP Euro Hist.) as well as College PreCalc, and other core classes. Next year I will likely be taking 6 AP classes. I heard that the flight major only accepts early action, because there's a ton of people who apply every year and they don't have space (Xtra competitive)?

I want to get into Purdue because I really want to attend a college that is ranked very highly academically, and want a normal college experience (unlike ERAU or UND).

Regarding extracurriculars, I am on my school's tennis team, quiz bowl team, robotics team, and debate team, as well as the captain of my town's TARC rocketry team. (Will those help?) I am also the founder and president of my school's aviation club.

Also, is it better to get my PPL before I head off to college? And will the judges take that as a "plus" for doing that?
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How is UND not a normal college experience?
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I know a guy who went to Purdue not long ago. He also had his private before going, not that it may matter all that much.

I don’t see how Purdue would be a bad choice, but keep options open. There are a host of schools just slightly less known than the biggies, Riddle, Purdue, UND, ect.. with some you may have to start at block one, even if you have your private license. A few years ago, one started further ahead at Purdue if already having the private.

I would take some flight training pronto, as able & $$ allows. Just a year or so ago I had read where the Purdue flight program filled up. As usual, apply early, there will be cancellations. Don’t make decisions based on my info, things change all the time.

Get your private & Uncle Sam may even take notice, provide options.
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I went to Purdue (see name), and abolutly loved it there for the reasons you described, and there are a few other reasons I will explain below.

1. You pay for the rating, not the flight hour. This is great, as if you need a few extra problem, you just get them. I think there is some sort of a maximum, but I don’t think anyone in my class hit that. Think of this as a ‘risk share’ - everyone pays into an insurance policy that they will not have to pay for extra hours.

2. You do not pay for checkrides - professors have their examining authority, and it is covered in the tuition cost.

3. Overall, the prices are extremely competitive for a 4-year degree plus flight fees. I’m sure that it is cheaper to do the flight training at an FBO, but that whole ‘state school’ and ‘not for profit’ thing makes the flight training very reasonable for what you get...especially if you reside in Indiana. Last I looked, you could get the 4 year degree plus all flight fees for just a bit more than ATP’s program.

4. I’m sure the other big universities have this, but there are so many networking opportunities at Purdue. I remember as a senior going to Harry’s with alumni almost every week who flew at every major under the sun.

5. Very easy to pick up a non aviation minor, although minors are not that useful - I owe my 5 year stint at AA to my finance minor.

6. As the program is quite small, you become very close with your classmates, and you all go through the program together, in the same classes, at mostly the same time and become great friends. I still keep in very regular contact with about 25% of my class.

7. The winters in West Lafayette are not that will miss some flying days due to weather, but for the most part you can fly a ton.

8. I graduated pre ATP rule, and was hired by first airline with ~600 hours...that being said, I know guys who hustled and graduated with more than that (you can start instructing at the beginning of your third year), and this means you can but your rATP minimums just a few months after graduation.

At Purdue, you are a Boilermaker first and foremost, and there is a lot of school pride, and it just makes campus a blast on game day. You will meet and become friends with people from all walks of life in every major out there, and all of these reasons truly makes you a better global citizen.

Good luck!

PS - if you don’t get accepted into the flight school, but get accepted into the university - there are opportunities to CODO into the program (what I did) after your first semester providing you have your PPL.
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