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GO GoJet !!!

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Default GO GoJet !!!

You see, they are pro-union guys !!!!!! Even if it is the teamsters.

GoJet Pilots Seek Teamsters Representation
Tuesday November 8, 6:03 pm ET
Union Expects Election Soon at Regional Carrier

ST. LOUIS, Nov. 8 /PRNewswire/ -- Teamsters Local Union 618 announced today that it expects the National Mediation Board (NMB) to order a representation election for the pilots of GoJet Airlines soon, in response to the pilots' request.

"The overwhelming majority of GoJet pilots have expressed their desire to join the Teamsters," said Dan Heumann, Local 618 President. "We're confident that the NMB will give them the opportunity to form their union with us soon."

The Teamsters filed for representation with the NMB on September 15, the date GoJet flew its first revenue-generating flight. A single-carrier petition was filed by another union soon after; the Teamsters believe this petition will be dismissed. Once the NMB concludes its investigation into the merit of the representation election, an election date will be set.

"The clear majority of pilots are in favor of becoming Teamsters," said Don Treichler, director of the Teamsters Airline Division. "We're working to help them join the union."

"We expect to achieve a fair and equitable agreement for the pilots, in order to enhance their careers and to help provide a foundation for the growth of the company," Heumann said.

GoJet Airlines is a subsidiary of Trans States Holdings. Based in St. Louis, Missouri, the all-new fleet of 70-seat aircraft operates under the United Express banner.

Founded in 1903, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters represents more than 1.4 million hardworking men and women throughout the United States and Canada.
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Um. No. Just because they unionize doesn't make it right.
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Originally Posted by SkyHigh
You see, they are pro-union guys !!!!!! Even if it is the teamsters.
Teamsters represent Gulfstream too, but that doesn't make PFT OK either.
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Default Fbm

FB Matt,

What is so bat with PFT? Who cares? There are short cuts all over the industry. If you can find one then there is no shame in taking it. What if you had a friend who started dating a girl who's dad happened to be the chief pilot at UPS? Would you hate him for asking the dad for a little help? Perhaps he should stop dating her and turn away since contact with her father would be unfair?
We all are dealt a different set of cards in life. Some are handsome some are well connected Others have dads who own a few airplanes. If all you got is a little money then buy the job. The only ones who care about it are those who are competing for the same position and don't have the money to do the same.

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Default Sue

Dear Sue,

No it wasn't worth it. I paid with all of my 20's and most of my 30's. I wish I was smart enough and had the money to buy my way in while I was still young enough to have had a chance at the big time. You either pay with lost days of your life or pay with cash. In case you haven't clued in yet, in the long run Cash is way cheaper.

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No offense but you obviously don't have a clue. PFT is an absolute atrocity. The only way we so called "Professional Pilots" will protect our jobs is to stick together for what is right. "Short cuts" are for people who are near sighted and can only see the immediate benefit to themselves. It's a selfish and destructive way to look at life.

Regarding the Go Jet fiasco, let me tell you something about their attempt to become represented by the Teamsters. The Go Jet Pilots are only seeking Teamster representation because they know that ALPA is against them. What they are doing is wrong, period.

Trans States Airlines could not reach a fair agreement with their pilots regarding wages for the 70 seat airplanes. The TSA current contract states that any new equipment will pay the industry average but that wasn't good enough for TSA management. They wanted to pay far below industry average so the solution was to break another section of the contract and form an alter ego airline: Go Jet

An alter ego airline would not be successful in the days when we union workers could strike for such a violation. New federal laws prohibited such job actions so our only defense is to STICK TOGETHER and not be a bunch of self-centered selfish SOB's looking for a short cut; a short cut that cuts a path straight through the heart of all of the hard working men and woman who did the right thing.

Go Jet Pilots, in better times, would be SCABS because the TSA pilots would strike against such an abomination. It is ONLY the federal law that keeps us from striking but the result is still the same.

If you are a Go Jet pilot, you are a SCAB. You maybe a "Virtual SCAB" but a SCAB is a SCAB. (If it looks like a duck, smells like a duck and quacks like a duck....)

Go Jet Pilots WILL be placed on the National Scab List and there names will be emblazoned there forevermore. I hope it was worth it to them but I fear they will find that it was not.

Do not be fooled. Go Jet Pilots are NOT "union guys". The are simply abusing the process in hopes of finding a small rock to crawl under before they get annihililated.

Please go to for more information
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Default GoJetVSScabs


You must be young and obviously haven't read all the older GoJet postings. Scabs lists are old fashioned. They don't mean anything anymore. The major airline guys will not honor your "list". No one outside of TAS or GoJet even cares about your little fight. Ten or more years ago I was asked to interview for TSA. When I saw what the pay was I threw the letter in the trash. TSA use to be the scab airline. The industry will keep feeding on each other until we reach the bottom. If you want to keep your job you had better pick the winning side.

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So, are all Southwest pilots contributing to the "atrocity" you talk about? We all had to pay about $7k for the 737 type rating in order to be hired. After all, that is paying to be trained in the 737. Let me know what you think.


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Exactly, Senor Barco.
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