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Introduce yourself

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Hello all,

I'm a fresh pilot, I have 52 hours under my belt and am getting ready to take my Practical for my PPL.

I'm new to the game and I absolutely love every aspect of flying. I am determined and ambitious, and with enough dedication, I will be flying in the skies for my career as a regional airline pilot.

Reading through these forums from pilots who have years of experience, not only in their field, but on how that advanced to that field, is something I look forward to very much.

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I am a G550 Captain at a Fortune 500 Company. Trying to use this website to further my career.
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Hi, I'm currently flying for a 135 commuter company throughout the east caribbean islands. Single pilot ops in multi aircraft. Joined to share information about regionals and majors in the US.
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Wanting to get more information on the regionals and airlines!
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hello everyone
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Originally Posted by CleeIB View Post
As a new registrant, you must introduce yourself before you can post in the rest of the forum.

  • Please let us know a little about yourself - your experience, hours logged, what you fly, type ratings, position, goals in aviation, etc.
  • If you want to protect your anonymity, you can say something like, "I am a first officer at a major American airline", i.e., you don't have to name names if you don't want. We recommend that you not reveal your full name or email address.
  • After you've introduced yourself, the Pilot Lounge and Career Builder forums will open up to you.
  • After you've been registered for 3 days with 5 non-deleted posts, you'll be able to see and post in the rest of the forums, as well as send private messages (PMs).

***(Note: It may take a few hours for the system to register changes and open forums to you.)***

If you see any other registrants posting spam or acting up, use the triangle icon at left to report posts. Thanks!
I am a commercial who is trying to get back to the aviation industry,with 1000TT ,can anyone assist in employment I am based in the Tampa Bay Area .
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I am looking for employment now with 1000TT
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Default Introduce yourself

Been flying for a while. Freight, 91, charter, fractional
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looking for a cargo job. Just passed 1000TT today.
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I fly in the Navy Reserves.
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