jetBlue Hiring

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Originally Posted by The701Express
To be fair the aforementioned rumor is just a sim, nothing about airframes.

Soooo plot twist: its for Azul

Or it's a typo
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Originally Posted by flowaz1
Well guys. Interviews will be coming to halt. The pool is full and running over. Jetblue sold one their 190 sims and the word is a a330 sim will, I say will, replace it. The 1st January class only had 9 guys and that's going to be the trend for the rest of year unless attrition ramps up..
You're scaring us poor poolies!!
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The 330 rumor hasn't hit so it can't be true!
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From what I gather is a heavy/widebody aircraft is something that is hopefully and has been talked about for jetBlue, from management and obviously pilots. To support a aircraft this size you need lots of airframes to feed it. Is B6 there yet, probably not. But it would be very nice for someone else to cough up the cash and put a more desirable Sim in place of one that may be becoming less used. If the rumor is true and even if it is for Azul, my guess is that it could be a good opportunity for B6 to have access to said Sim.
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What does it mean if you're put on the "short list"
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Originally Posted by rvr1800
The 330 rumor hasn't hit so it can't be true!

The 330 rumor was on bluepilots about 6 months ago......
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Read the 10K and listen to the analyst calls. There are no 330's coming. The fleet size needs to increase in order to sustain the wide body aircraft in addition to the route structure.
The 330 is an expiring airframe as well. It makes zero financial sense to take delivery of an aircraft at the end of its life span.
Currently distant cities are more important to Jetblue than wide body service. If this can be accomplished with a narrow body 321 NEO LR management is inclined to do so despite the benefits to a wide body for cargo.
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Default jetBlue Hiring

Flew to San Fran last night , and Our number one flight attendant told me 330's will be announced soon.

Nuff said
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Originally Posted by rightside02
Flew to San Fran last night , and Our number one flight attendant told me 330's will be announced soon.

Nuff said
That's it! It's official! 😜
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Not that I'm not enjoying the rumors but does anyone know how big the Feb 4 class will be?
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