CFI to Kalitta?

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Originally Posted by Lionhaart View Post
Another option for you is to come to Atlas Air. You would do 2 years on a 737 to learn the jet and the way of doing things at Atlas - then you can go to the 777 or the 747. As an FO you fly and taxi the Queen. You’ll definitely see the world then.
1550TT mostly single engine time, CFI, ATP-CTP written and Atlas gave me the "thanks but please apply again in 6 months" email. I'm in active text messaging with an ABX recruiter so that may be the best route at the current time if an interview and follow on steps come to fruition. The regionals are cutting way back on fresh 1500 FO hires for the moment. The fractional are hiring too with at least 50ME and ATP-CTP.
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Nothing against you, but they may have done you a favor. Single pilot to 121 crewed, heavy international, ETOPS (possibly) is quite a jump.
They won't hold your hand. The expectation at most ACMI's is a proficient, crew coordinated pilot who just needs to learn a new airplane.
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Originally Posted by DontLookDown View Post
I'm planning my next career move. I hit my restricted ATP minimums 400 hours ago, but have still been instructing because I enjoy it, am making pretty good money and have a good quality of life. That being said, I plan on moving on to flying jets in early 2024.

The next logical step would be the regionals, but most of them work 4 day trips. I'd rather work 2-3 week trips. I'd also love the chance to fly international trips. Would someone with a CFI background, with only 2000 hours (mostly single engine piston) every have a chance to get hired directly on with Kalitta or a similar company? Or are the regionals still a necessary stepping stone?
It can be done. But it’s a lot of work, make sure you’re ready (only you can answer this). The last thing you want to do is start off your 121 career right out of the gates with a failure.

My buddy went there earlier this year. He was a 20 year RJ driver. He studied, was well-prepared and made it through without issue, but he said it was harder than he expected with very little time between events.
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Originally Posted by Riverside View Post
2 years on the 73 sound miserable.
how quickly people get spoiled! 73 is way better than a CRJ-200!
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