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Old 03-26-2006, 08:19 AM   #121  
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"The british and german are pretty good aircraft makers.""

Sorry but I just can't conceed this to you. I can't think of a good german airplane built since World War 2. I really can't. Not one as epic as a Boeing 737, an F-15 Eagle... British, eeh. Your talking the AV-8 harrier, maybe.

The best aircraft came out of the US and Russia. Now the Europeans are catching on with commercial aircraft, but they have a ways to go until their products start outselling Boeings.

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Well said, Airbus does not beat Boeing.
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Default bus driver

Originally Posted by NE_Pilot
Will the computer override the pilot if he exceedes the pre-programmed limits???

Also, I heard somewhere that you can't disconnect the auto-throttle, on one of the Airbus's, not sure if that is true or not.
The bus has maneuver and angle of attack protection which all pilots should love. In the event of a windshear or GPWS warning all I have to do is firewall it, haul back on the stick and I'm zooming up without fear of stall...also if my speedbrakes are extended they will retract...something the 757 doesn't do...and should ie:Cali...The autothrottles disconnect nicely, and unless I'm flying a CAT2 or 3 approach is how I fly the approach/landing. The AOB restriction of 67 degrees is a function of G loading...I'm a Marine, but somewhere I remember that 60 degrees AOB level flight equates to 2Gs...However if the bus finds itself upside down due to upset or midair etc the computer says; "I'm outa here" and the pilot retains full authority to get it back into some semblence of normal flight....Great airplane...fun2fly..Ripper
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