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second jobs as FO

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Default second jobs as FO

I start training soon at AE, but was just wondering the FO's here if any of them have second jobs. Not just other flying jobs (instructing, ferry, etc.) but jobs such as bartending or a business out of their home.

I was seriously considering this but want to know if its do-able or better yet practical. Knowing that I'll be living on Ramen noodles for a while is fine, just want to make a little extra coin to pay of some debt and so I can enjoy monday specials of $9 beer nights downtown chicago.

p.s. I do really want to fly as much as possible my first year.

.02 are welcome
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I worked at Enterprise Rent-A-Car during college, and they allowed me to transfer to a new location and wash cars for as a side job while I was on reserve my first year. $8/hr.
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If you got your BA you can be a Sub teacher at up to $50 bucks a day aint to bad

I know its sound bad but you can be a van driver also
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Pick up open time from fellow pilots that need/want more time off, or pick it up from the company (especially if there is a bonus for doing such a thing). This allows you to only have to worry about one job, build more flight time and experience, upgrade faster, and make some extra cash with minimal hassle. Unless you find a real honey of a 2nd job, it will be hard to beat just flying a little more.
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Im still flight instructing and but not making much money, so on the side I am starting to valet park cars. Its nice! Only work 4 hours a night but make up to $200+ a night. Schedule is flexible so you dont have to work till 2am and then fly at 5am. Check it out.
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Where do you do that? What a gig! I was thinking about being a driver for a car service.

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thanks to everyone for the thinking about bartending, did it in college and made around $200 a night...I'll look into the valey

although the flying more would be better!
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Originally Posted by RJ Pilot View Post
Instead of spending 9$ for beer,save it and pay some debt.
Lets be realistic here, we are pilots.
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Roper92, I live in phx. Just interviewed at the company yesterday. I have a few friends that are already working there. Its called epic valet.
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Prostitution is an option.
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