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Originally Posted by SamNFTY View Post
I just had the call today and it went great! I'm scheduled for 6/10 interview in MIA. I did write down a few of the questions from the call. Pretty basic stuff...
  • Will you have any issue being away from home for 17 days, extendable up to 20?
  • If selected, will you be able to start in 2 weeks and one day?
  • If selected, how will you prepare for ground school?
  • Do you have any testing failures? (Seemed only to be interested in failures within the past 5 years, beyond that you should have no problem here. Just be honest.)
  • Why Atlas?
I hope you get a call soon as well! Good luck!
Congrats Sam, Thanks for the info. Hoping to get the call anyday. I'll keep you informed.
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Originally Posted by Oysterpilot View Post
Hi There

I have been following you guys for a bit and to date you are spot on getting up to the interview, i.e.; test phone calls etc. Rumor has it the dress code is semi casual, can anyone who recently made it through verify what the expectations may be.

Not sure how miami is, but during the Anchorage interviews, everybody was in a suit and tie. Anyone else experience anything other than this?
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Everyone in NY was wearing a suit also
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I think business casual ended in early in 2012
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Originally Posted by Galaxydriver View Post
I think business casual ended in early in 2012
Business casual was alive and well for the interviews in Sep 13, at least for those of us who interviewed on 11 Sep 13.
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Thanks for the heads up will stay with the suit and tie
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Many thanks to many of you for your observations and helpful hints for those who aspire to join the Atlas ranks. I have been one of those for 3 years and have gained several friends out of the process. Last year I thought my options to fly were over. Let's just say I am humbled and join the many Survivors out there who got surprised and fight every day.

Two milestones took place for me today: I passed that technical test today or stress buster. Let's just say that the recent advice posted is spot on. FADECS and others: Thank you. The more important milestone was with my Surgeon as he provided the All Clear (early detection and luck) as I celebrate my Survivor Birthday from the events of last year. Many of you stayed in contact with me as I went through the paper trail needed to get back in the game.

I don't have a lot to add about the test other than my wife was surprised at the amount of technical stuff I had in my brain (she was the Time Keeper and Tracker). My test was rather ATPish with the weather symbols, METAR/TAF, descent rate calculations, RVR Plate Requirements vs. OPSPECS, some regs and of course illusions. Know your runway lights (centerline vs. runway edge). Surprisingly, no NAT. Add a few poorly worded answers to distract you.

From a time management tactics I attacked it. I just kept answering what I knew. If I stayed on the question, we "tagged it" and moved on. The test highlights what you tag or leave unanswered so you can go back. At the end of the first pass, we had just under 20 minutes remaining with about 13 questions tagged/unanswered. Second pass, finished with about 7 minutes remaining. Final pass had 4 minutes---hardest thing for me was to get the Grade/Submit icon to reappear. 2 minutes left on submission. So it can be done without over stressing like I did.

Many of the recent posters have noted some great traits. I'll just add Never Give Up and Believe in Yourself. If you meet the requirements posted on the site, apply if this is the type of work you want to do. Don't make the decision for them by not applying. And then stay in the game because you will eventually get that email for the test----so keep yourself in the game. I look forward to the next steps.

I wish everyone the best. I hope I did not get off-track too much, just really excited. Breathing is a great thing, everything else is a bonus. Many thanks for those of you who have stayed close.

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Congrats, V! Happy to hear the great news for you.
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Great job, V!! Let us know when you get the call!
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Just curious if anyone is in the know as to when and where the next job fair attended by Atlas will be?
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