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Super stoked to say I have an interview on the 11th in Miami!!

Spending some time today looking back for recent gouge. Any updates would be greatly appreciated.

This has been several years in the making and cannot wait to get to Miami. Thank you to all the Giant bubbas for maintaining the flow of information as it has been invaluable. Hope to see you guys on the line in the future!

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Default New Hire Classes

Does anyone know how many successful applicants are in the pool? Or how many were placed in the pool after the Anchorage three day event?

I saw a post about possible new hire classes on 6/29 & 7/20...
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Originally Posted by crewman View Post
What is the attrition like at Atlas? Is there a lot of folks leaving for the majors?
Probably 5-10 guys a month. Most FOs and some 767 Captains have their apps out.
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Default Teamsters Retirement Plan...

Teamsters spend big on politics while preparing to cut pensions - Washington Times
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Don't worry. This won't be a part of our retirement under current leadership. It's a horrible deal.
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Originally Posted by Globemaster2827 View Post
Probably 5-10 guys a month. Most FOs and some 767 Captains have their apps out.
What is the latest prime reason they want to leave?
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Originally Posted by WARich View Post
What is the latest prime reason they want to leave?
I think for some information, one could read/compare/contrast the contact study that 1224 put out. Read other unions' contract studies (they are out there if you want to find them). Then, talk to your friends at DAL, UAL, AA, FEDEX, whoever, to confirm the contract studies and compare QOL, pay, retirement, etc.... Or you can do the simple math on the Legacy retirements vs seniority progression and zero growth (?) in the next ten years vs. Atlas. Then you might be able to see some of the reasons for wanting to leave. Or you can ask one of our peers who has gone through an exit interview (at Atlas), or someone who knows about the exit interviews (internally) why people are leaving. Last I heard from an internal source was: 1. Retirement pay. 2. Pay. 3. Seniority means little. Possibly swap seniority with QOL, I can't remember.

If you do all of this objectively and still love Atlas...stay or try to come here!
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Smile Online technical test study guide = 98%

(Developed from this Atlas Hiring thread, FADEC & his great powers of recall. Published by FADECS in May 2015 (the sexier fun female version of FADEC....I got a 95 on the test & my buddy got a 98 yesterday).

It's 90% the same as it's been for the past year or two.

It's about 50% ATP
10% NAT,
20% weather,
10% FAR/AIM,
and 10% off the wall

Here are some of the most common things seen on the online technical test, study well and good luck everyone…I made this for me and my peeps to get ready for the online test

Sigwx charts/Ice symbols

Metar, ATIS, D-Atis & TAF guide (True vs. magnetic)

Visibility in SM or meters

International TAF

Know how to read a Jepp plate

Plan a descent on an arrival

Read up a little on jetstreams

NAT contingency procedures for emergency descent or deviating around weather

What is SLOP

One question had a Chinese RVSM distraction
Know the top and bottom in meters.

Couple questions on balanced field

What happens to V1 with a shorter field length

If your company has Jepp charts, pull out the North Atlantic and/or the North Pacific #1;2. On the inside panel of the charts are track procedures.

Effects of various CGs on a swept wing

How a wet V1 can change balance field length?


How far apart are the north atlantic tracks?

What altitude would you fly if you have to deviate off of your NAT track for a mechanical problem and you are able to maintain altitude? (Assume you're at FL 350)

What is SLOP?

What are the procedures for deviation for weather on the Oceanic Tracks?

How wide are the tracks typically?

Jepp Charts: Where is the final approach fix?

What is MSA?

How about in mountainous terrain (1000' regardless)

Etc... Know your jepp charts

Read an international notam.

Read international TAF.

What is screen height?

Climb segments?

Climb gradient required?

TAFs -wind direction - true or magnetic

Read domestic and international METARS-wind True or Mag

JFK ILS 31L procedures-what alt to set in FMS for the missed?

CAT 11 approaches

Runway lighting (color of last 2000/3000 feet of edge and centerline lights

At least 6 weather symbols (so print out weather symbology)

Wx symbols

CAT II equip and minimums

NAT track stuff

Turbulence associated with Jetstream

Troposphere start/define

Visual illusions common on final and takeoff

AC-0045 is the WX Bible...know it...especially the symbology!!

One last resource that may have been mentioned elsewhere in this monster-thread is NAT procedures, which are contained in this ICAO document: Documents

The North Atlantic Operations and Airspace Manual
Nat doc 007 avail. at (N. Atlantic Procedures manual)

JFK ILS 31L (review and what altitude to set first for missed alt)

Balanced Takeoff stuff

Derate Takeoff- how/why/etc

PRM approaches-definition

Oceanic procedures

Class I vs. Class II navigation

Know what a trigger NOTAM is

Technical & operational difs between CAT2 and CAT3 approaches

Define Vmcg

What's the relationship between Vmcg and V1?

What are the four segments of the climb?

What's the main reason for using a derate takeoff?

What's the procedure for diverting off track in the North Atlantic?

What's the procedure for a weather deviation in the North Atlantic without a clearance?

What's the FAF on an ILS?

What's the FAF on a LOC approach?

Can you fly the ILS 32R at ORD if ORD VOR is out of service? Why or why not?

Read an international METAR/TAF.

Read an international NOTAM.

Bonus question: If you're on a DME arc, how many miles from the arc are you protected from terrain?

Make sure you have access to a pdf version of the ATP test bank. A lot of questions particularly weather ones were pulled from that database verbatim so all you need to do is a key word search. Google searches can help as well.

Big picture as others have said was to know WHERE stuff is, not memorize it


Books – Ace the Pilot Technical Interview (Bristow), Everything Explained for the Professional Pilot (Lengel)

Interview Prep – personal decision for everyone – if you’re looking at obtaining some, Emerald Coast and Judy Tarver with are both really good

Online resources: this blog has some great insights, downloaded pdf version of NAT Doc 007, info on (history, briefings to investors, etc…)

AC 00-45G pdf---esp symbols,
ATP test bank pdf,
ATP dispatch test bank
Get a TAF/METAR guide and have that handy as well

Index of /faa_exam/atp

AC 00-45G CHG 1 Aviation Weather Services

Can't overemphasize to know how your stuff is organized and where to find your answers.

Define QFE, QNE, and QNH?

Difference between transition altitude vs. transition level?

NAT tracks – SLOP procedures?

WX deviation procedures?

Emergency & contingency procedures?

Take-off performance– define Vmcg? V1?

Can Vmcg be greater than V1?

For a dry RWY, what is the standard height the aircraft have to be at by EOR considering performance calculations?

What if it is a wet RWY?

What is the standard climb gradient in ft/nm during initial departure phase?

After take-off, what must you climb to before initiating any turn?

International NOTAMs – here is a list… what is the Airport for these 4 letter identifiers?

WX associated with ILS critical area – when do you automatically stop short of the Instrument Hold Short Line?
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Originally Posted by Dagrocky View Post
Thanks for the info, hope the call goes well and would like to hear any info you can share. I took the assessment the beginning of May, passed in the 80s.
I took it the end of April, let me know if they call you please.
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Originally Posted by nxtlink View Post
I took it the end of April, let me know if they call you please.
I definitely will, hoping to make the June Interviews.
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