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Pilots for DHL carriers holding strike vote

Pilots for DHL carriers holding strike vote

Bowdeya Tweh, [email protected] 6:30 p.m. EDT March 30, 2016
Southern Air DHL Boeing

A group of unionized pilots that operate flights for DHL carriers will hold a strike vote amid concerns their employers want to change a labor pact.

Members of Wilmington-based Airline Professionals Association Teamsters Local 1224 who work for cargo holding companies Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings and Southern Air Holdings will begin the voting process Wednesday. Local 1224 represents about 1,000 pilots who are based or operate from Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport, according to an estimate from the labor union.

A strike authorization vote does not automatically mean that the union will hold a labor stoppage. Daniel Wells, president of Local 1224, said the voting process could take about 30 days.

Pilots are concerned that the companies want to force workers from both companies into an amalgamated contract, which they say will suppress wages and lower quality of life issues for pilots. New York-based Atlas Air announced earlier this year it was buying Florence-based Southern Air for $110 million.

"Pilots are the backbone of the logistics industry, and DHL customers and shareholders should be concerned about the company’s disregard for experienced pilots,” said Robert Kirchner, an Atlas pilot and executive council chairman of Local 1224. “Pilots have sacrificed to help DHL contracted airlines succeed. We are helping DHL grow its business in the United States and building profits for all companies involved.”

Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings, which owns Atlas Air and Polar Air, has been working since the beginning of the year to amend an existing collective bargaining agreement. Southern Air, which emerged from bankruptcy in 2013, pilots say they've sacrificed pay as a result of the company's previous financial condition.

But now since all three companies are performing better as the economy has improved since the recession, pilots say there's no need to make this change.

In a statement issued Wednesday, Atlas Air did not directly address the union's concerns, but said it greatly appreciates employees and the contributions they provide.

"We especially recognize the importance of our pilots and value the strong relationship we have with them," the statement continued. "The Southern Air acquisition is very good for Atlas Air and Southern Air pilots. The transaction will provide increased pay, more job security and growth opportunities for all of our pilots. In fact, Local 1224’s leadership recognized these benefits by endorsing the transaction when it was announced."
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Teamster Airline Division News, Week Ending, April 23, 2016

Strike Vote Plan for ABX, Atlas, Kalitta and Southern Crew Members Announced
Citing of a lack of meaningful progress in negotiations, the ABX ExCo has announced that they will be conducting a strike vote against the management of ABX and ATSG, the holding company that owns ABX. ABX crews will receive detailed instructions for voting via email, with voting opening April 30th and closing May 12th.
In a message to the membership of Local 1224; which includes ABX, Atlas, Kalitta and Southern Air crewmembers, Local 1224 President Daniel Wells said, “Last Friday, I announced that the members of Atlas and Southern will likewise hold a strike vote, joining their brothers at Kalitta with their 94% vote last fall.” Speaking to the broader issue, Wells said, “This means that by May 12th, four of our carriers, the airlines that make up the majority of DHL’s express network, will most assuredly be operating under the threat of a strike. With the close coordination of the ExCo’s and SPC Committees and with the integrated-like manner of different carrier operations within the DHL system, should one of our properties engage in a lawful self-help (strike), their fellow members at the Local’s carriers will not be able to operate with the threat and danger of struck work. This would severely damage DHL’s worldwide express network.
This reality has been created by the inability of these individual company managements to satisfy the legitimate needs and security of their pilots; all of them using the RLA to squash and undermine the rights of their employees, rather than as a platform to negotiate a CBA in good faith. They have sown what they now reap.
Underlying all of this disruption to the lives of our members and the attempted gutting of your profession and future security is one central actor – DHL. While a large customer to all of these four carriers, their business comes with a price – a huge, foreign, integrator actively working to lower your wages, quality of life, and the security of your profession and family.”
Atlas Air began voting on April 19th and concludes their vote on May 6th. Southern Air begins voting on April 30th and concludes their vote on May 12th.
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So, what are you saying, DC8DRIVER?!!

Oh, and, um, is Atlas hiring?!!
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I think we need another posting regarding the federal mediation
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Anyone who interviewed last month been offered a class date?
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I interviewed 03/22. In the pool 03/28. Still waiting for a call.
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3/22 interview for me...still in the pool.
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Same here.
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I was a Dec 7 hire typed in 767 on Feb 6 and just finished OE. They are even more behind now. They need all of you in the pool. Just gonna have to wait a couple months till they catch up with training I'm sure.
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Just wondering (as I know this changes often) what are the competitive minimums to get hired lately? Especially with all the merger drama...
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