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Originally Posted by bjack View Post
During my interview in 2011, I was asked "you are doing a run from HNL to Australia, who are you carrying for?". Knowing what companies we contract with in what parts of the world, and what is going on in the industry is VERY relavent to a hiring page. This was one of several questions I was asked to see if I understood the business and Atlas specifically.
Being able to discuss current strategic partnerships and how it affects basing was one of the topics in my interview
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That is why you guys were hired, and others that did not do their homework were likely not hired...that may not be the only reason, but a likely reason.

All you can do is maximize your chances of getting the job that you say you want...if that is the case, why not do everything you can to have a successful outcome.

BTW, this thread (all of it, not just selected pages!!) is just the start...Google is your friend; do something productive and get the information that is out there. We didn't have that luxury in 1996 when I interviewed...and still managed to get the information, the interview, and the job!!

Good luck.
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Current swimmer here.......not sure if it's the deep or shallow end that I'm in.

But, as far as the interview goes, it will most definitely benefit an interviewee to understand, and articulate, at least a portion of what's going on on the business side of Atlas.
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Originally Posted by GIANT PILOT View Post
We got some new guys, who know it all.
No, I don't even know yet what I don't know, but I've got my head on a swivel.

When my last airline went down in flames, all the old farts had their heads in the sand. I don't want that to be me.
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Correct me if I am wrong here, but I feel that after 5,000 posts and 700,000 views, this thread has and should become more than just about hiring. It has become THE Atlas thread (the "latest and greatest" if you will). If that is not the popular view, I can start a "latest and greatest" in the charter section.

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Count me in as one poolie who believes that knowing this stuff helped me in my interview. I respect the guys who say otherwise, and maybe that was accurate a few years ago. But these days, Atlas expects you to understand the job and the industry in order to stand out from the other 5,000 applicants (or whatever the number is). It doesn't take long to read up on it, and it will pay dividends when you are sitting in that room in Miami.

Furthermore, I would think one should be familiar with the segment of industry you are seeking to join. It will be putting food on your table, after all.
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I was asked "Why Atlas?" and I went through a list of other companies and why Atlas would be a better place to be - they had to ask me to stop talking and they said I clearly did my homework about Atlas. I can't remember if Aaron at Emerald Coast mentions this is his interview prep (highly recommended) but knowing what you are talking about definitely helps in an interview.

CaptV is spot on as well - ask an educated question(s) at the end. With all of the applicants, they are expecting you to be sharp and not just "qualified."
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Also had the same questions about why Atlas, then they asked if I knew what the stock price was. I was able to talk about the stock and projections for the future, then they asked me to sale the company to a new customer. After the answear they asked if I didn't get hired as a pilot would I accept a job in marketing/sales. Told them I would prefer to fly for Atlas, but would take a job if they offered in marketing.
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Like I said, that is why you were hired...because you did your homework.

You never know what they are going to ask you...kinda like in the FAA Oral for a Type Rating. The Sim check is sort of a known environment, but the Oral has always been the "great unknown" for me. So, study everything you find, and know all that you can.

Good luck to those waiting for the process to start...for the poolies, I have a feeling 2013 will be your year to come fly for Atlas (if you still want it).
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That's a great way to put it. It's an oral. Be prepared. The folks interviewing you will notice you prepared. It won't be for nothing.
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