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Nothing here either. Sep interview.
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Nothing here either
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Originally Posted by AlohaC-17 View Post
Long-time reader, first-time poster...just got the call for interview 15 Jan. Whoohoo!
See ya there.
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Originally Posted by NightIP View Post
See ya there. of luck!
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Why 4 Engines Are Better Than Two 747 VS 767

B-767 OVERWATER ENGINE FAILURE Suggested sequence of events
1. Crew maintains control of A/C.
2. Crew handles QRC immediate action items correctly.
3. Crew agrees upon enroute diversion alternate (SATCOM- DSP)
4. PF begins off-track maneuver. HDG SEL 90 from track in direction of alternate
5. Crew turns on all external lights.
6. PF begins drift down. Call for MCP alt set to VNAV ENG OUT cruise alt. EO speed or 320/.83 whichever is most reasonable considering terrain.
7. PF ensures MCT, monitors A/C performance, PNF handles comm.
8. PNF declares emergency with mayday on guard, common and/or HF as appropriate
9. PNF gives position, Flight ID, Track, Longitude/Latitude and altitude with all calls.
10. PNF requests clearance to enroute alternate with GP facility or guard relay.
11. Crew recalls pilots on break to cockpit via PA.
12. PNF records FMC position in scratch pad to be entered on plotting chart and to be forwarded to dispatch via MFD "MAYDAY" report or SATCOM link.
13. PNF completes checklist reference items.
14. PNF builds offset 25NM Pacific/30NM Atlantic (Offset execute or LNAV armed optional HDGSEL may be required if ETOPS alternate behind) Cross tracks below FL 290 Pacific/FL285 Atlantic.
15. PNF copies clearance to alternate.
16. Crew proceeds to alternate at 325kts /mach .83 when able at SE altitude.
17. PNF communicates with DD, FA's, SAMC and Pax as required.
18. Crew initiates preparation for ditching and/or evacuation if necessary.
19. Crew prepares estimates for FIRs or diversion airport.
20. Crew plots FMC position every 15 minutes on plotting chart on line drawn from initial diversion point to alternate.
21. Crew reviews ditching procedures if necessary.
22. Crew requests RCC information via DD if necessary.
23. Crew briefs approach, evacuation potential, runway exit plan and crew member assignments as necessary.
* If the EO SPD (slower drift down IAL) is chosen, about 2 minutes will be available for deceleration at altitude on the track before a descent becomes necessary and the initial rate of descent will be very slow with MAX CONT thrust set on the good engine. If 320/.83 is entered, the initial rate of descent will be higher exiting the track.

B-747 OVERWATER ENGINE FAILURE Suggested sequence of events
1. Continue to destination
2. 3 engine approach & landing---no change from 4 engine approach.

I'm Just Sayin
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And now the rest of the story...

We can do two-engine approaches all day long and even continue to our destination...while you four-holers have to start looking for a "Land at the nearest suitable airport" field.

And btw, we don't need training engines on our airplanes...

Ok, I'm out of jokes now...but damn, the view from the Left seat is nice!!
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I think it's great BayBum4Ever (Farva, is that you?)wants to buy every 76 crew on a common overnight the first round! Huzzah!

"Say 'Car Ramrod'. Say it!"
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BayBum4Ever, for the life of me I can't figure out why they pay you guys 17% more.
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Congrats to the ones getting called. Still swimming, and waiting.
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Originally Posted by captainv View Post
BayBum4Ever, for the life of me I can't figure out why they pay you guys 17% more.
I guess they do their job better than we do ours, right, captainv?!!
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