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So what of those in the pool right now with no 767 experience?
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Originally Posted by Guasabara View Post
So what of those in the pool right now with no 767 experience?
They're just going to have to come to the 74 and fly around in their pajamas and be forced to work for more money. It sucks but such is life.

This is the life that you have chosen.
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Working in your pajamas pales in comparison to having a higher seniority number!! I'm not sure that the new-hire 767 guys would agree with your view of the world from the mighty 747...seniority is everything. Wouldn't you agree?

I also see that it may not be a fair way to pick and choose the 767-qualified guys over those that are in the pool already, but the company is in a position (and has the need) to do it this way.
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Originally Posted by jetjock6 View Post
This is the life that you have chosen.
Where have I heard that before?
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There is NO 767 short course being offered.
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heavyhauler . . . 1224 Teamsters . . .

No short course? Then someone is is going to be in trouble as below is a paste and copy from the email.

Atlas Air, Inc.’s short course training requirements are as follows: . . . See above post with the 1224 email

So if there's no short course the company gains experience. The guys/gals in the pool build there muscles. hmmm anyone have a stick to hit the hornets nest? Why would the company want to agree to that? Insurance? I don't know.

I can understand the union's point of view. There has to be a short course coming . ..
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There was a rumor that the FAA was putting pressure on the company to improve the 767 experience level thru hiring. Another rumor was AMC wanted more experience in the cockpits.

This is not a knock on the folks that are on the 767. Almost all the 76 Captains are new to the plane and there's a good chance that any future upgrades would be 744 FO's, again with no or little 76 experience.
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We've hired 767 qualified crews before and never put them through a short course, just don't see why we would change now, I read the 1224 post soliciting 767 crews, and there was mention of an approved short course, but what I heard at the Trng Ctr, was that there will not be a short course starting next week. Guess we'll have to wait and see what happens with this next class
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Unless I'm missing it, that email does not state there would be a short course. It only states pilots would need to meet all of the company’s FAA-approved short course training qualifications..."

Also, aren't there two separate training facilities? So poolies that don't fall under this agreement will still have shots at a Jan 747 class as previously mentioned right?
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Well, it doesn't say that there will be a short course next week. It says that the short course will be filled by those that apply by December 28, so obviously, the short course will begin after the new year.

I don't get how some of you state as fact (NO SHORT COURSE) when in fact your union has just told you that the IBT and the Company have signed an agreement to do just that.

From the LOA "...................the Local 1224 pilot meets all of the company’s FAA-approved short course...........................".
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