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2 New 767-300 ERFs for DHL who is buying the aircraft and Atlas will operate- CMI contract
Looking at a 767-200 in executive configuration.
Not looking at the 2 767s pax planes from Ryan.

I'm just sayin!!!
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Originally Posted by captainv View Post
Other rumors claim they're 763 pax birds, not freighters. Also heard a standing bid award is imminent.

Time will tell.
That is a rumor that is floating around, and it seems that VIP business is doing well for us. Hopefully one of those shows up as well...

However, the class is for 2 763erf's for DHL.
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Originally Posted by 744driver View Post
Being a light twin guy (at least for the next 1 year and 9 months till my equipment lock expires!!) I'd like to think the posting by Polarfr8dog is referring to the 767 LAX base that is now available on the Standing Bid form...and the business (or rather new business) that the 767 is likely going to get.

At least that is what I got out of it...not additional 747-8Fs. BTW, the company cannot exercise options (I believe we own 12 options) until the firm orders for the -8s are delivered, and that is not going to happen until some time towards the middle of 2013.

DING DING DING!! We have a winner! Well done, 744. Anyone in Miami? Champs just opened up and I know some of us are going down there.

And how appropriate . . . my post is right below Springer! HA!
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Champs in the Courtyard?
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Awesome.... A 767 base in LA! Oh wait...that doesn't do much for me ;0)

Hiring is hiring is hiring. All of it is great!

Question 744.... where did you get your info on not being able to exercise options until current contracts are fulfilled? I mean, obviously we can't own our optionable a/c until we own our "firm orders." That would be like eating 15/12ths of a piece of pie ;0) But, when all is said and done, if we end up with 15 airplanes when we were only expecting 12.....

I'm pretty sure we can give BA a headsup that we would like to exercise our options as we wait for delivery of our last couple of firm orders. Assuming of course that the -8 hasn't turned the corner and is selling like hotcakes...... :0X much longer you in MIA? I'm headed that way in a few days....
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I believe the answer to your question was in one of the company's employee conference calls regarding a question about exercising the options. The answer came from one of the top dogs in the company, "JD" or "BF".

Even if the company has decided to exercise the options, they (and presumably, Boeing) cannot announce the conversion of the options to firm orders, until all firm orders are delivered. At least, that is how I understood the explanation during the conference call.
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Look, I just exercised and purchased 30 shares. My proxy (hand written) informed WF to get those options rolling--- and a suggestion to hire a few folks.

Additional keg options at the Grill & Champs are projected 1Q13.

Merry Christmas in advance.
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Originally Posted by NextGeneration View Post
Champs in the Courtyard?
Yes But that was last night. Who knows about tonight. :-)
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Just got an email for preferential hiring into the 767 for 1224 members. Guess those rumors are about to come true regarding those airframes. Kudos to the Union for getting this accomplished. Learn from it ALPA, I could have used this a few years ago.

Good luck, gang.

Atlas Crewmembers,
The Atlas Air Executive Council and Atlas Air, Inc. have entered into an agreement related to hiring Local 1224 pilots to fill up to 15 Atlas B767 First Officer vacancies.

The terms of this agreement were announced to every member of Teamsters Local 1224 just moments ago.
Under the terms of our agreement, Atlas Air, Inc. will give preference to pilots who are current and qualified on the B767 and currently on the seniority list of a Local 1224 carrier (hereinafter, “Local 1224 pilot(s)”) prior to hiring any other pilots for expanded B767 operations as describe above, subject to the following conditions: (1) the Local 1224 pilot meets all of the company’s minimum requirements applicable to other newly hired pilots as published on the company’s website (; (2) the Local 1224 pilot meets all of the company’s FAA-approved short course training qualifications as set forth below; (3) the Local 1224 pilot applies for the position on or before December 28, 2012; (4) the Local 1224 pilot successfully completes an interview; and (5) the Local 1224 pilot can meet the training dates required by the company. Atlas Air, Inc.’s short course training requirements are as follows:
2. Class 1 Medical
3. PIC Type Rating on the B 757/767 aircraft
4. Minimum of 1000 hours on the B 767 aircraft, any series (200/300/300ER etc.)
5. Last flight on the aircraft within the last 12 months
6. No other aircraft flown in between (except for aircraft not requiring a type rating)
7. Last 121 PC within the last 18 months
If the company receives more Local 1224 pilot applications than there are positions to be filled, the company may offer employment to qualified Local 1224 pilots as described above in seniority based upon date of hire. Notwithstanding the above, Local 1224 pilots that are hired by the company shall be placed on the Atlas Air Pilot System Seniority List in accordance with the agreement. A Local 1224 pilot’s date of hire at his current employer shall not affect his placement on the Atlas Air Pilot System Seniority List.
Atlas Air, Inc. retains sole discretion to ultimately make the decision as to whether it will hire an applicant even if all of the foregoing conditions are satisfied.
If you are interested in applying for a B767 First Officer position at Atlas Air, Inc. and if you are not already an applicant or in the hiring pool at Atlas, go to the Atlas website ( and follow the instructions under “Flight Crew Recruitment.” Applications must be received by Atlas Air, Inc. on or before December 28, 2012. If you are applying for one of the above positions (and meet the minimum requirements) now, have previously applied, or are in the hiring pool, please notify Local 1224 by logging into the union Website and submitting the form provided at
In solidarity, the Atlas ExCo is glad to be able to extend this opportunity to our brothers and sisters at Local 1224 and wish you the best of luck in your endeavors.

Capt. Robert Ulrich, Chair
Atlas Air Executive Council
Capt. Daniel Wells, President
APA Teamsters Local 1224
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Polar, who is represented by 1224? Also, is there any word that the short course classes are going to be run before any more hiring is done in January? I'm pretty patient and just happy to be in the pool, but I like to have something to tell my wife about when classes might get started. She is not as tune with the vagaries of the hiring process.
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