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GT and Just a spectator's opinion, but if you are on the fence about the days away, you may find yourself miserable. It is something that must suit you and your family (I held off in 2010 because we had cancer hit our family, which was beaten.).

Before you make a decision, I would try to talk to a few Giant crews. I have found them very helpful and frank. I continue to be amazed with the people I've met.

From my seat I have seen first hand who has been selected for the interviews, all very very talented aviators. I have used this time to prepare and sharpen my game.

I wish you luck. There is a great deal of information available to help you.
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Originally Posted by GT4JB96
Should I leave a LCC for Atlas if offered the job.??

Just curious to see what some opinions are as to someone leaving a LCC for Atlas. I am a commuting junior line holder first officer (hate the commute). But I am also a little unsure of the long 17 day schedules at Atlas. I am just really on the fence with this one.. would like to hear some thoughts from others....
Not to be a "read the thread!" Nazi, but i think if you did take the time, to hear all the different nuances and opinions and schedules, by the end you'd most likely have a definite opinion. Or, if you're not chomping at the bit, you would realize it's probably not the perfect fit for you.
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I am going to chime in from the cheap seats..... we are seeing attrition at K4 about 2 per month over the last year plus a handful of retirements. We are slated to have 4 retire this year. We have a group of AA guys taking the recall because of the equity payout restrictions, these are guys who most likely would have deferred as long as possible if they could have. Overall though, and this speaks to the poster above who was unsure of the schedules at Atlas, if the 17 day schedule is even an issue think hard, its the #1 reason guys leave most ACMI companies like Atlas, Kalitta etc. It really has to be a good fit for you and your families lifestyle. I personally like the basically 2 weeks on 2 weeks off schedule it works for me, others not so much. Good Luck to those selected and still trying at Atlas. FWIW, I was an April 2010 interviewee the same day as Talon. Didnt get the nod for Atlas and I am okay with that, I enjoy where I am. Again, Good luck to everyone.
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Originally Posted by jetjock6
We could start a whole new thread on what went on and why it took so long. Really don't want to stir that pot. I was around for a good part the process and all of the negotiations.
Quite true. You should also know that the process was not a normal negotiation and there were a lot of events involved that don't occur in normal negotiations.
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First time poster. Finally made it through all 557 pages! Only took about a week. Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this thread! Great info, I'm starting to study and gather resources. Thank you!
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I originally got called in Nov 2011; phone interview and online test. Missed the interview window by the time I completed the test. Got called in Aug 2012 for an interview but couldn't make it due to being deployed on the other side of the globe. So, it's been a bit of a long road, but I'm excited for Tuesday!
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Originally Posted by DocN788RV
Good luck to you. I'll be there on the 5th as well. I will be staying at the Marriott. Retired KC-135 roughly 6000 Total 5000 PIC. Very little CRJ200 time. Proud Vans RV-8 builder/driver.
Good luck to you as well! I'll be staying there also, so I'm sure we'll all run into each other Monday night into Tuesday. Hope this works out for all of us...
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Good Luck with the interview!
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Originally Posted by n3304q
I too will be there on the 5th. I got the phone interview on the 9th, took the test on the 11th and scheduled interview later that day.
One internal rec. Roughly 9000 total most of it at the regional. Now flying in the ACMI realm.
See ya there.
Wow! You went through the wickets rather quickly...congrats on getting the call too.
I tell ya, from what I've read in these threads, I'm just feeling lucky and privileged just to be interviewing with Atlas. See ya there!
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Default Atlas Pilots Opinion Concerning AAWW PAC

Been doing a great deal of research regarding the company. From my seat I continue to be impressed. I recently discovered AAWW PAC and noticed all in a leadership roll investing in this.

As an outsider I view this somewhat favorably and see the company leadership walking-the-walk by investing in its political capital. Without trying to be controversial, what is the line pilot's opinion of this PAC?

I do not think this has been covered anywhere in this thread, if so...blame my braincells for not remembering.

Thank you.

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