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Originally Posted by N927EV View Post
Just to clarify...they are JUST talking about excercising options on the -175s and/or getting -175s from other carriers. That's what I understood from the notes anyway.
-2016 flying is still being figured out.
-The union has mentioned a couple of times of the -145s coming back as soon as next year, but it remains to be seen if they'll stay here or be transferred to PDT.
Or if you guys get merged
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Originally Posted by chrisreedrules View Post
Good for you guys. Makes you wonder why Doug decided to transfer aircraft away in the first place?

I've heard several rumors about you guys getting additional 175 options, and I know that despite the new TA, things aren't looking great for RAH. PSA doing all the DCA ops and now you guys doing a lot of that RAH flying permanently. Perhaps a MIA satellite base is on the horizon?

Anyway, over the next few years you will see more and more flying coming to the wholly-owneds. Not a bad place to hang your hat for a while.

Do you know if that 1500 figure takes PBS into account? I've heard AA's hiring projections will go down with the introduction of PBS.
The -145s were transferred to XJT and TSA because with the amount of attrition going on at ENY as well as forecast attrition (50+ a month), we would have been unable to staff those airframes come April 2015. They were on short term deals to begin with along with escape clauses. Personally, I think it was AAG trying to send us a message for telling them NO so many times.

RAH has to renegotiate their contracts with their mainline partners in order to support their new pilot contract. What happens wih that remains to seen. But, with WOs capped at 4/12 and Mesa providing a lot of eagle flying for cheap, I'd be very surprised to see dougweiser shell out more cash. Who knows, though. Maybe he'll have to this time around!
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Originally Posted by FaceBiter View Post
Get in my van little boyyyyyyzzzzzzz
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Heard Envoy will be getting 200NN thru 219NN back as well in a few years.
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Originally Posted by egl2fdx View Post
Heard Envoy will be getting 200NN thru 219NN back as well in a few years.
Not confirmed, but highly suggested and probable.. Yes.
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RAH will be scaling back severely in ORD.
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Extremely minor but it was said at the meeting that 1 less aircraft will be transferred to TSA. More importantly, as of now those aircraft will only be at TSA and Express Jet until their next heavy check.
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how many jets of yours does tsa operate if there really coming back to you
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Originally Posted by livetofly2123 View Post
how many jets of yours does tsa operate if there really coming back to you
15 TSA
15 XJet

That would be 30 back. Also I think we sent them without any heavy checks, so time will be sooner.
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- 300 to AA in 2016 ? That's 25/month -or- if they move 30/month +/- as claimed, then there would be a couple of months AA didn't take any Envoy flows at all.

- 375 to Envoy in 2016 ? That's 31/month, but that assumes little outside attrition. Even with the flow, at least 8-10 pilots/month will almost certainly leave Envoy for greener pastures (Delta to hire 1600, UAL, Jet Blue, etc.) which is VERY conservative, we're back to a consistent 35-40 pilots/month new-hire requirement for Envoy next year.

Now some are talking about acquiring MORE flying and even more jets (30 ?) then present ?

Ok, then let's ramp that to 45+/month.

It will certainly be interesting to see.
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