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Tool of the day

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Alaska will close out flights really early these days. Show up less than 30 prior and you might very well miss it.
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Originally Posted by GogglesPisano View Post
TOTD: Anyone who uses their cellphone speakerphone with volume set to 11 in a hotel room. We can all hear your booty calls. We all really just want some peace and quiet. Hold the phone to your head or use earbuds -- like the olden days.
You have to put it on speaker and lay it on the night stand if you are going to call a 900 number, talk dirty and jerk off with both hands...

Or so I was told!

What you should have done was call his room and talk like a hot chick, tell him his loud conversation is making you so horny!
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Texraid -

What date was the robbery? Time? Officer taking the report?

Any info?
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Originally Posted by ShyGuy View Post
For today the DL gate agents for closing the door 20 early. I ran after a flight and got there 15 prior and it was "too late." No weather issues, no GDP, no plane waiting for the gate, no viable issue to close 20 prior? It's one thing if the plane does indeed push back 15 early. But a little confusing to understand how the jetbridge can be hooked up to the airplane and no one going anywhere, and they are standing there and then the official out time is 7 prior. Listing a pilot and walking down the jetbridge wouldn't take that long, maybe a couple minutes at most. If they accepted to list/take me, they would have still pushed back 7 early. It's only a little frustrating because in the past I had a DL jumpseat and literally at the 15 minute mark a DL guy showed up and I lost the JS. No complaints there, I get that's JS priority allowed up to 15 prior for a DL guy.

I'm in the industry and know how it works. But this was a first for a 20 prior denial at 15. Oh well, better luck next time.
The express agents in PHL love to do that too, and then argue until it is 10 prior.
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Originally Posted by Texraid View Post
Gentlemen and Ladies as the case may be, I'm sure you get your share of trolls, however, I am not one.
I simply posted because I thought I had something to add to your site. I, like many of you I'm sure, visit other forums of your interest. Aviation is just one of my interests and I have been around it for over 30 years. Through the '90s I was actively involved with Texas Raiders, Gulf Coast Wing, CAF as a full flying sponsor and turned my fair share of wrenches on her.
In regards to a news link, there was nothing locally and I doubt in Chicago either as the amount was $740 well below the $1000 limit for a felony.

I can always get a report if that will satisfy everyone. I have nothing to gain by falsifying the information I have posted. My intention was to contribute to your site in a meaningful and appropriate way.

If I have violated an inner sanctum then please forgive me.
I apologize for these fellow pilot's calling you out. I'll nominate them as TOTD. Some get a little butt-hurt if someone takes an interest in our profession and get offended when a non-pilot dare post on these public forums. Just because you aren't a pilot, doesn't mean you aren't welcome to lurk, and finally get a chance to submit your TOTD. I bet there are hundreds or thousands of non-pilot lurkers on this site. Even the media sometimes links to this site.

As for your original post. That pilot was definitely was a tool.

Originally Posted by PotatoChip View Post
However, I'll nominate you as tool of the day for your FIRST post on a site you lurk on to be to discredit a pilot. I don't know whether the accused is guilty or innocent, but I think it is certainly a d!ck move to show up on a site and blast a guy. Thanks for contributing to our group in a "meaningful and appropriate way".

It sounds like the pilot in question may have been a tool... But the guy not in the profession that immediately posts on our board without any evidence whatsoever is a much bigger one.
Not to nit pick, but isn't this entire thread dedicated to blasting pilots (and others) for being tools? None of the other stories have any evidence either.
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Turns out a pilot with a major Regional was on the moving walkway behind me and picked it up, stuffing it in his pocket.
Those bags are at least 8"x12" and with all the "contents" I hardly think he could have stuffed it in his pocket.
How do you know he worked for a large regional? I'm just curious as we never heard anything like this in the news or scuttlebutt around campus.
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Originally Posted by saxman66 View Post

Not to nit pick, but isn't this entire thread dedicated to blasting pilots (and others) for being tools? None of the other stories have any evidence either.

Yes, it is.

None of the other posts involve unverified criminal charges. I believe there is a huge difference. We can disagree on that.
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The other day on SFO Ground...

Ground to Skywest RJ, in UAX colors: "Skywest 1234, give way to the United Airbus at Delta."

Skywest RJ: "Skywest 1234, giving way to the Airbus."

Ground: "United 999, continue taxiing, company holding for you at Delta."

The apoplectic explosion of rage from Fifi was a thing to behold. "Ground, this is United 999, he's not company! He's NOT COMPANY!!!!!!" Sounded like the guy was about to stroke out.

When Ground cleared us to follow the same Airbus to the ramp (since we were parking at the next gate over), it took all my willpower to resist saying "Roger, follow company to the ramp."
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Although, to balance out that little exchange, there was this one in LAX not long ago.

LAX Ground to Delta 737: "Delta 123, taxi 25R full length, follow the Skywest 175."

Delta 737: "Delta 73, taxi 25R full length, follow the little guy."

Then ground calls a heavy, I think it was an Air New Zealand 777.

LAX Ground: "New Zealand One Heavy, taxi 25R full length, follow the Delta 737 just coming out of the alley."

New Zealand One Heavy: "Taxi 25R full length, New Zealand One Heavy. And...we'll follow the little guy."

I wish I could've bought that dude a beer...
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Originally Posted by prex8390 View Post
The express agents in PHL love to do that too, and then argue until it is 10 prior.
I nominate the agent in PHL that started boarding us up 30 prior, then sends a couple nonrevs down about 6-7 before departure. I'm looking for the jumpseater that I spoke to when I got to the gate... no sign of her so I make the walk (now about D-2) and here comes the agent down to pull the two nonrevs off because the rev pax decided to finally show up. Grrrr. So where is my jumpseater? Not even processed... and now the agent says she can't pull her info up. Fine, I tell her, take your time because I'm not leaving without her. Finally get her on, close up, and... wait for the cargo door because the rampies are still slinging bags. Grrrr. And who gets tagged with the delay? C'mon, we should be able to board up an Arr Jay in 20 minutes and be on the clock early - it isn't rocket science.
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