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Returning to active flying status after about a 5 year layoff due to career, covid, family. CFI initial with about 700 hrs. Interested in returning to CFI status in the new year.
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Hello everyone! I want to apply for cadet pilot programmes and seek information about it, especially health wise. But at the moment I can't make a thread about it.
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I fly heavys and well connected in the industry
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Default Title intentionally left blank.

Howdy; I fly left seat at a part 135 operator doing a job I love for a company that may not love me.

4800 hours total. Two turboprop type ratings (one single-piloted and one crewed). CFI/II/MEI, but haven't taught in a decade. Dorky enough to fly flight sims in my free time.
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Hey! Iím a CFI/CFII and commercial multi pilot. Iíve been instructing for about a year and a half and am nearing ATP minimums getting ready for my next step in aviation.
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Default Learning to give the exam

I bought the Sporty's course and want to pass the written exam. What are the prerequisites? Any suggestions on how to study?
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Smile Howdy from Houston

Hello from the Carcinogenic Coast! Enjoyed my time as a Part 135 Cowboy, but very excited to begin life in the Majors through the completion of a pathway program. Get me out of this Houston heat! Fly warbirds for fun during my off time.
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Default New to the group..

180+ Multi
120+ Multi Turbine, B300
Some Jet
2023~ 300hrs

A&P License

Recreational pilot for many years. Flying since 2008, lots of radial engine and tail wheel time. President of manufacturing/retail company. Always wanted to be a professional commercial pilot when I was younger but it wasnít in the cards. I just turned 40 and am perusing a career change.

Iíve always loved the King Air and have applied with Wheels Up. I understand their current situation but still optimistic.

I am very open to suggestions and not opposed to anything. Iím chasing flying and quality of life more than a big paycheck but wonít turn down a good opportunity.
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Exclamation Hello everyone

Hows it going everyone?

My name is Frank, I am currently working as a repair tech for Tesla at Giga-Texas and have decided to get my PPL. I recently went though a nasty divorce and got screwed on the visitation time of my kids. I am only allowed to see them once a month and I work on Sundays. I figured If I had my PPL, I could fly into DFW, scoop up my boys and maximize the time I have with them. I have chosen above and beyond aviation school in Austin Tx. If anyone has any tips, advice, feedback, or suggestions I would appreciate all of it. Vet's has anyone found a way to use GI or other benefits?

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Default 135 to 121

Ex Navy P-3C/T-34C...been out for a long time (15 years) in corporate aero and defense. Flying wide variety for fun and some instruction. C-172, PA-29, PA-31. Started a small Part 91 company. Bought a C-23B from Davis Monthan. Flew lots of USG contracts. Got Part 135 certified (over a long period of time), and sold. Applying at majors now. 4,500 TT; 3,500 PIC; 3,075 Turbine; 1,860 AMEL; 2,750 Instructor. ATP, CFI, CFII, MEI, B-737 Type, Mil Instructor, TS/SCI (as if that matters).

Interviews coming up next month with Southwest, NetJets, FlexJet. Just finished the American PST. Working with SpitFire Elite. Looking forward to learning from the group.
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