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Flight Engineer time towards R-ATP

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Flight Engineer time towards R-ATP

Old 05-02-2022, 11:14 AM
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Originally Posted by LowLevelAv8r View Post
Please clarify if I am wrong, but I have been told and read that 61.159/61.160 state to use the 3:1 FE time, one must have attended an FAA Authorized College defined by 61.1, and received their flight training (pilot) under Part 141. Am I wrong and given bad info? I have 1924 hours FE in a C-130 so I can max out the 500 hours, but told I cant use them because my college didnt have a FAA letter and most of my training is Part 61.

Go read 14 CFR 61.159(d)(2).

This predates all of the R-ATP crap about approved colleges. Military FE time counts. Period. So you're good.

Sounds like some flight school person with a reading comprehension problem has gone off half-cocked again?
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Old 06-12-2022, 02:57 PM
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Originally Posted by USAFFlightEng View Post
Any other former Air Force FE's used their engineer time towards the restricted ATP mins? According to FAR 61.159 I am allowed to reduce the 1500 hour requirement by 1 hour for every 3 engineer hours up to 500 total hours reduced. I currently have about 1150 hours between C-130's and C-5's, hoping to use this rule to get to the airlines faster.
I just want to clarify that FE time CAN be used for both ATP and R-ATP. As long as you meet all the other requirements (Cross Country, Night PIC, etc...) you can totally use it. Most FEs get the R-ATP cause they don't have the full 500 Cross Country time to get the unrestricted one.
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