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Originally Posted by 744driver View Post
Figured since you know everything, you don't need an explanation from me. Although C5guy was nice enough to provide it for you...

If you know the answer, move on. Let the others who may not have done any long halu ops dwell on how we do it. Some (like me) don't know everything...sorry about being short tempered, but I'm just interested in helping out the guys that need the information.

Don't need the know-it-all guys cluttering up the thread. If you know it all, just move on.
Right on! Lead, Follow, or get out of the way.!
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Originally Posted by abuesing View Post
I hope I'm at the bottom of the Atlas seniority list soon! Has anyone on the "pref hiring list" from the September round of interviews been called for the January class? Hoping I am still a candidate for a class in the future...
No call yet. Hopefully the phone will be ringing soon.
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For those in the pool. The way I understand it is that there is a final score, compiled of everything you did from when you first submitted your resume. There is a number that gets you in the pool. Likewise that same number gets you out, in order of best score first. So it is technically possible to get in the pool and never get a call due to a score that is at the minimum level to get in the pool. I heard, don't know for sure, that you can swim for a maximum of one year. ????????

Good luck to all.
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Default Fedex Showed up

Got the Thank but no thanks letter. Great info on this thread. Good luck to all. On to other sky's
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Yeah, me too...
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yeah me too, thanks for all the help folks!
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Good luck, guys. This is a buyer's market, so the company can weed out for any reason at all...hope to hear from you next year. Unless of course you find a sweeter deal out there.

Best wishes to all that got the "no thanks" letter...
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Originally Posted by AIRLIFTR View Post
I'd keep my phone on. Hear the training dept gonna get pretty busy. . Happy New year guys. Good luck and congrats are in order.
PM sent if you get a chance.
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This question was probably asked, but there are way too many pages to read. I'm guessing flying with these guys is mostly night flying, correct? Also, can F.O.'s get the 747 type rating with this company?
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My friend got called on the 30th of December for a class date in Janurary. So keep by your phones and look for incoming area codes of 914. Good luck
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