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Tool of the day

Old 03-21-2014, 07:39 PM
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Originally Posted by GrummanCT View Post
Hello, boys! I'm back! - YouTube
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Originally Posted by GrummanCT View Post
"His favorite airport is Beef Island..."
I bet it is.
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You can't keep a good tool down.
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Originally Posted by GrummanCT View Post
"Tim began flight training in 2003 at Dowling College and from there received his first job assignment as a Saab 340 pilot with American Eagle in Los Angeles. It was there that he finished his degree in Aviation Management with Utah Valley College."

That UVU sure knows how to churn 'em out. Didn't that scab professor teach there?
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I bet he insists his FO does the walk around with a flashlight. During the middle of the day.
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Originally Posted by GrummanCT View Post

Originally Posted by Boomer View Post
I bet he insists his FO does the walk around with a flashlight. During the middle of the day.
Almost forgot about that little Doozy. Thanks for the laugh, Boomer!
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Originally Posted by sandlapper223 View Post
If this guy is a 777 instructor, I am truly embarrassed. Where did CNN find this guy? Mopping the sim bays after midnight?

Follow this link for the video, then a few steps to find it:

Video - Breaking News Videos from

Once you click the link, it will load the CNN "breaking news and videos" page. Scroll down, click on "international". The video is on the second row, but may move down as new videos are added. Its entitled, "landing aircraft on short runways".

Have a good laugh.
Found him:

Pilot Casado draws international attention in connection with missing Malaysia Airlines flight
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Originally Posted by cactusmike View Post
I'm thinking the guy is just a sim technician who snuck them in during the off hours. He is embarrassing.
I need my CNN 777 demo pilot to be old school otherwise it's just BS. He's gotta have a fresh cut, high and tight with a good 'Merican name like Tex Scarborough. Really it's just a stupid show....good for him he thinks so little of CNN as to wear his crappy jeans and shirt. Hopefully CNN cuts him a nice check and he laughs all the way to the bank.
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I think we can put CNN in for Tool of the past two weeks!

They should stop announcing, "Breaking News" every five minutes, and instead call it, "Broken News", as in, Broken record, we keep repeating the same stuff, which is,

"There is NO NEW NEWS, so we are going to fill the empty time with a janitor trying to fly a 777 sim..."
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Many years ago at gate D-8 at DTW. 727 inbound from GRR.

I show up to do the log book check, walk-around etc., and expect to greet the crew since the #1 is still running.

No crew anywhere. Oops.
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