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Tool of the day

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Originally Posted by ysslah View Post
I've flown with that guy. It was a long 4 day trip
Also, he kept trying to buy me into his idea of making boat of money from Iraqi dinar from being revalued after the 2003 invasion.

As far as northface is concerned, XJT/ASA had a brief time when everyone had to turn in their blazers to have them restriped. We were told to wear any "professional looking black jacket" in lieu of the uniform blazer.
Originally Posted by mike734 View Post
Well I finally watched this abomination after resisting because I don't like the creepy feeling I get when watching someone embarrass themselves. All I can say is we need a new thread for Tool of the Year. Does anyone know if this guy was a traffic cop in a former life? He sounds just like one with his knack for demanding answers to rhetorical questions. No offense to all you other former cops but I swear I've been pulled over by that guy in another life.
If also like to be on board with no compelling reason so I could ring my phone as loud as possible. I'd love to see him actually go back to the gate to kick me off. It would be worth it to see him go through with his threat. Because that's what your passengers want, to be threatened by the employee providing a service who's on a power trip.
Shyguy has it right when he says, "And then guys wonder why they can't get a straight flow to mainline." QFT

I don't think he was a cop. He was an Army pilot. That I do remember.
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Originally Posted by gliderguider View Post
Apologies if "Commander Northface" has already been posted on here, but how about this guy who is currently the second result on YouTube for "United Pilot"
Wow, he's a gem
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commutes from GNV?
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I enjoyed it.

I worry about myself sometimes.
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I am sure this dude has made the TOTD anyone know this former AT 717 musician extraordinaire?
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That goes well beyond "of the day". Scab.
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I'll just drop this here for your morning entertainment...
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Originally Posted by kingairpilot90 View Post
i'll just drop this here for your morning entertainment...

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While we're on the subject check out my nominee. I call him Captain Underpants...
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I'd rather listen to a FA that never shuts up
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