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Tool of the day

Old 07-20-2017, 06:01 AM
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Originally Posted by RhinoPherret
I have my Climate Change/Global Warming prepper kit (cooler chest filled with ice and beers) ready to implement at a momentís notice!

I tend to conduct many unannounced/unplanned emergency preparedness drills in my backyard and thus; I am always prepared, always hydrated, and always happy.

Peace out.
RhinoPherret: Perhaps the only guy in the last 3 pages I'd enjoy a 4-day trip with.

I certainly hope nobody thinks it's a good idea to discuss this in the cockpit. If you do, I nominate you as TOTCentury!

Now can we get back to laughing at real tools?
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Originally Posted by LNL76
Jeebus, some of you guys could screw up an erotic dream!
What would Freud say about your post?!
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Yet another thread screwed up by climate. Take it somewhere else please.
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My TOTD nominee:

Tie between the guys who turned this thread into ANOTHER political peeing contest. How big are your watches, boys?
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Originally Posted by T28driver
Hahahahaha!!! Awesome!!!!
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Originally Posted by All In
.... because no one will hire me.
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Originally Posted by All In
If I had only known how cool and special it is to make a career as a corporate pilot. Jeeze. I am so confused and conflicted now.
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So the guy loves what he does and shares it. Big deal. I don't find it toolish. Every single one of us has plenty of photos and probably some videos of some of the flying we've done. And if you were truly a Rhino driver I know you have your I love me space somewhere. I think you guys are being tools for picking on him. Let's move on to some real tools please.
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