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Tool of the day

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Originally Posted by WHACKMASTER
Just too priceless not to share:
Soooooo im going to go out on a limb here.

I suspect that its guys like the one in the video, is the reason we are so scientifically illiterate in the US. These people use pseudoscience to make their arguments. They try to fit the facts into their preconceived ideas. If a fact doesn't fit it must be discarded.

Here is a thought, let the verifiable facts guide you to the answer. Not shove facts into far fetched ideas.

Of course, not going to happen and we are left with flat earthers, and chemtrail experts, etc.

On the flip side. These clowns provide endless entertainment
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snitches get stitches
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2 thoughts about chemtrail memes and scientific illiteracy...

1. Chemtrail jokes will be funny as long as there are chemtrail conspiracy theorists.

2. People who lack a real scientific explanation for an observed phenomena will almost always come up with something to explain what they have observed. In the way back past, various mythological deities or magic would be behind unexplainable things. God being sort of unfashionable nowadays, pseudo-science is the inevitable result.

I've seen the same thing in numerous other countries, so it's not just the US. For example, some of the pseudoscience being invented wherever the US is conducting high-tech combat ops is quite creative, trying to explain how we are doing what we're doing...
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Originally Posted by All In
This video alone is worth a brand new thread. Wow!

Now does anyone have a TOOL report?
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Today I'm nominating myself as the tool of the day for taking the time to read through the last 7 pages of this thread hoping it was going to improve.
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Originally Posted by Vincent Chase
Now does anyone have a TOOL report?
There are still a handful of aviators at a certain bus operation so happy with low-tier pay and a 2-yr overdue contract that they refuse to wear their ALPA lanyards to support their NC. Talk to them and they seem normal, but there's clearly something very tool-ish lurking in there somewhere.
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^^^ This. How hard is it to wear a fracking lanyard?

Wear it *in addition* to your favorite sports team / branch of the armed services / whatever lanyard if you have to. That will just make it stand out even more, which is kind of the point, right?
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Some people just don't get it
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The 737 Delta guy on 13L last night in JFK who left his damn strobes on even after multiple guys called him out on it.
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Da Hudge
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Originally Posted by Papa Bear
The 737 Delta guy on 13L last night in JFK who left his damn strobes on even after multiple guys called him out on it.

Was he on the runway?
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