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Originally Posted by captjns
Iíll take that wager, and double it that youíre not.
"I know you are, but what am I?"
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Originally Posted by echelon
"I know you are, but what am I?"

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Fume events shouldn't be taken lightly. I'd go straight to the Dr or hospital if it was that bad.
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Originally Posted by Hrkdrivr
Didn't think of that...

Agreed...but...35 minute turn, switching planes at the hub, after 0530 push on first flight of day...sometimes you gotta hit the nearest throne on the way to the next jet...
Take the delay, let the airline fix the schedule. Poor planning on managements part shouldnít be an emergency on your part. Schedule a longer hub turn for swaps!
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Originally Posted by Turbosina
I bet you're an absolute joy to fly with.
I've seen him in action...he's a great guy to be around.
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Originally Posted by Hrkdrivr
"Men" in the terminal who cannot/won't pee at a urinal, use a stall instead, and pee on the seat.
Itís hard to aim with less than 2Ē...FML.
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Originally Posted by 4runner
Itís hard to aim with less than 2Ē...FML.
I always use the handicapped urinal and stand back two feet. When I get that strange look I just say I am optimistic. Then THEY laugh so hard they miss.
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Originally Posted by TransWorld
I always use the handicapped urinal and stand back two feet. When I get that strange look I just say I am optimistic. Then THEY laugh so hard they miss.
Just checking in on apc, looks like the same I'l same. Grown men talking about other guys pee.
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This "Legacy" new hire, ex-mil fighter jock, ex-Alaska Airlines: Bad mouthing everyone and making both fighter pilots and Legacy pilots look bad. Probably a Deltoid....

Literally an arrogant prick through most of his post history.

Originally Posted by Work4life
I did. I'm sitting reserve at my new legacy airline and have time to burn so I'm answering all you ignorant wannabe pilots' questions.
Originally Posted by Work4life
If I werenít a respectable officer as you say, I should not have received the title of distinguished grad from majority of training courses and schools that Iíve attended. I guess officership doesnít play a roll for weapons school selection either. How about CGO of the Year? Or below the zone promotion to O-4? I guess I donít meet your high standards of exceptional officership. Iím far from perfect but who really is?
Originally Posted by Work4life
Everyone has the right to like, dislike, hate, despise, etc. If what I say seems condescending and offensive, I've hit a nerve. It's your choice to either feel butt hurt or deal with the issue and fix the problem. Instead of lashing out like a child, why not make a case for your argument?
I post on here because I'm still new to my current airline and still learning the ropes at my new airline. I'm sure there's dirt to be found there also.

You bet, I graduated from the zoo. Your generalization of academy grads who are pilots have zero credibility. You're entitled to your lame assessment but try to back up your arguments instead of shooting from the hip. People who feel that my comments are condescending suffer from inferiority complex. I'm willing to bet that you have very thin skin and can't digest constructive ciriticim. If you were a sharp airman, you would have garnered respect from the Os. In the world where I come from, errors and mistakes are identified with brutal honesty and resolution and training to correct those errors/mistakes are enforced in a firm but positive manner. If you view this as arrogance, then the problem lies within you. If you played any sort of competitive sports in school, you'd understand.
I have several airline pilot friends who came up through the civilian ranks. Each of them are stand up guys and I don't feel that they are any less of a pilot than me. Some couldn't make the cut in the military and some didn't want to go the military route but none of them feel entitled and make excuses saying that they didn't have a choice. I also have military friends who could not land a major airline gig right out of the service and had to do some time in the trenches. Again, all stand up guys who've paid their dues and are all now at the big three and/or FedEx/UPS.
Lashing out and name calling doesn't bother me a bit. In fact, I find it funny that so many of you suffer from inferiority complex and live with your heads in the sand. As for my humbleness in the cockpit, I'm very low key at work. I can count with one hand the occasions where I have not been invited to have a drink/meal with the captain/crew on my layovers. I didn't get to where I am in life by all luck and good fortune. I do thank my lucky stars for having the opportunity to do the things only a few can ever fantasize of doing and having multiple legacy/FedEx/SWA job offers when I separated. Arrogance or not, these are the facts bro.
Originally Posted by Work4life
I sense jealousy. Enjoy stewing in the regional world while everyone and their brothers are getting hired by the big boys. Look yourself in the mirror and figure out your faults and maybe, just maybe you can find your errors. I highly doubt it but there's always hope.
You blame mainline pilots for your failure. Is that right? Didn't Horizon pilots willingly accept a TA that had lower jet pay rates than what was already in your previous contract in order to fly the 175s? Then you guys screamed rape after passing this TA and turned and blamed SKW. You have zero balls and brains, and once again got played by the airgroup. Horizon needs to just go away but there's a reason why the airgroup is keeping this extremely weak sister around-whipsaw.
Originally Posted by Work4life
Since time is all I have sitting reserve, I'll play.
I state a fact and you say that I'm boasting. You sound like some of the incompetent narccistic commanders I used to work for. You know, the ones who like to speak out of their anus because they enjoy hearing themselves make noises out of both ends.
Service is service, regardless of intent and ambitions. Everyone who I flew fighters with did not start out wanting to just "serve". Yes, everyone! We all shared a common goal of being fighter pilots. Sense of patriotism and service came along the way. You can bleed red, blue, and white all day but in the end, you risk it all for the person standing next to you and your buds. Maybe you haven't caught on but this country or the world for that matter, very much like the company and the union, could careless about you. They are no better than corporate America; everyone uses each other for gain. Understand this: corporate America runs the government and not the other way around. The bottom line is $$$ and if you ain't performing, you'll be out of a job real quick. If you can understand this and accept the fact, life will get much easier. Too many of you live in denial and when expectations aren't met, you all cry like little girls. Life's vertigo.
Dude, I don't know what you did to be stuck in a rut. You must have a skeleton or two in your closet, personal flaws, or plain bad luck though I don't believe in bad luck. As for your flawed observation of my career, I did not stay an extra decade. I did my minimum commitement and separated. While I was in, I did everything I can to accrue as many hours as possible to be competitive on the out side, which meant turning down the coveted weapons school slot. I did everything in my power and made huge sacrifices to make myself marketable to the airlines. Can you say that for yourself? Alaska was my dream airline but soon realized its major flaws and so I left for another legacy.
Feel free to drown in your sorrows. It's your life. As the saying goes, early birds gets the worm. You can fight on or crawl up and die. You didn't have a choice?!?! Very weak excuse. Everyone has a choice in this free country, bro.
It just keep going. I feel so much better I am not at a legacy after reading stuff like this
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Weíre all very relieved that you feel better.
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