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Default Newbie Here

First Officer seeking more info on airlines hiring.
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Thumbs up Looking for flying stories!

I'm really happy I was able to find this forum! I am currently an F-16 pilot in the Air Force. I am looking at flying commercially at the end of my commitment. This looks to be a great resource.

In the meantime, I am looking to compile hilarious, unbelievable, and entertaining aviation stories. If you have something that you'd like to share, please PM me for more details! Looking to post this in Hangar Talk when I can.
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Default New Member

I知 starting flight school in November and I知 here for guidance.
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Default Career Change

I am currently a truck driver for FedEx Freight and I possess a private instrument rating and attended Eastern Michigan University with an unfinished bachelors in Aviation Flight Technology and I知 looking to get back into flying. I plan on finishing my multi-commercial and would like to get a job flying cargo for a smaller carrier.
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Hi everyone, I'm a Marine Corps MV-22 Osprey pilot based on the West Coast. Currently at a little over 500 hours total time (310-ish MV-22, 74 King Air, 87 T-6B, and 35 Bell 206).

Looking to transition out of the Marine Corps at the end of my obligation (mid-2025) so I can get on with a regional airline before this hiring boom is over. Preferably one that enables me to stay in this general third of the country (anything west of Texas up through the Dakotas).
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Smile application letter

Hello and good day
I am 23 years old
I have CPL,IR,ATPL,class 1 medical, level 4 certificate licence and recently graduated from the Homa academy in iran.
total flight : 151.30 hrs (actual flight with piston engine ) and 41 hours simulator
Also,I have a bachelor's degree in civil engineering from Tehran Azad University.
There is someone in America (Captain Tanbakokar ) who can vouch for me for a legal permit to work in the United States.
I am ready to serve in PIEDMONT Airline as a first officer and also ready to take type rating courses with the recognition of that company as a scholarship.
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Default Intro

Hello everyone! My name is Mason. I am currently a police officer in Iowa of a city of 100k residents in a small metro of about 500k people. I decided to leave the career field of law enforcement about two years ago and looked at driving for UPS, working the Railroads, and many other options before the thought of being a pilot just sort of popped into my mind. I did a little research and discovered that you DON'T have to come from the Airforce to be an airline pilot haha. I had always wanted to be a military pilot but when I was in highschool, I never thought I was smart enough. I had since always wanted to get my PPL but couldn't justify spending ten thousand dollars on a hobby.....but perhaps I could justify it if I thought it could be a career... Thats where I am now. I have been doing my flight lessons at my local airport and picking up a bunch of overtime to fund it. I have about 60 hours and will take my PPL checkride in about a week. I am all in on this career path. My ultimate future goals would be to work for a major airline or a bigger corporate flight department. I appreciate any advice you may have to give. Thanks.
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I知 currently a first officer at United airlines. I知 interested in learning more of the overall situation at our regional carriers.
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Default Hello from the Pacific Northwest!

Hi everyone, I just started my pilot training and I aspire to become an airline pilot someday. Hoping to connect with more folks in the area. Pleased to meet you all!
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Default New Career

Hey guys, my name is Shawn. I知 excited for a career in aviation looking for some guidance and possible advice. I heard this is the place to be. Anyway, this would be a career change for me, but something I always wanted to do. I was in the military for about 7 years, have a degree, looking for a good flight school. I heard ATP is good? Any advice on that would be helpful. Also, I have both arms tattooed. Sleeves. Nothing is visible in long sleeve shirt. I worked in an office for years and no one had a clue. Is this going to be an issue for this career? I appreciate any advice
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