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FlyJay 02-12-2019 08:15 AM

Hi there!

Is the 1000 PIC a hard minimum for B1900 captains?


- J

FreightDogs 02-12-2019 08:26 AM

Originally Posted by FlyJay (Post 2762522)
Hi there!

Is the 1000 PIC a hard minimum for B1900 captains?


- J

Hi, J!

Yes, 1,000 PIC is mostly a hard min. If you're under by a little, it's not too big of a deal especially if you can compensate somewhere else.
But for the most part, you'll need 1,000 PIC!

ESQ702 02-12-2019 09:05 AM

- kind of an odd question, but do you guys allow for part-time pilots (fly, for example, 2 days/week instead of 5)?

Any new domiciles in the future coming up for you guys?


927A 02-13-2019 06:49 AM

Originally Posted by FreightDogs (Post 2762433)
Hi, there!

I'll try to answer all of your questions!

FOs at 500TT come in on our EMB120. We have 12 EMB120s in our network. We typically see new EMB120 FO pilots in our new training classes every 2-3 months as our current FOs upgrade.

For that, the PIC requirement is 350 hours. It used to be 500 PIC, but we have recently lowered it to 350. Currently, our site reflects the 350 and going forward, everything else should as well.

When the time comes, you'll decide on your base before you even sign your offer letter. There should not be any surprises when it comes to that. As an EMB120 FO, your offer letter will clearly state the base you're going to and you'll have to live within 1.5 hours of it. Here are the bases we currently have EMB120 routes out of: BFI, ONT, PDX, PHX, BQN, and SLC

Typical upgrade time from EMB120 FO to BE99 Captain is one year. Ultimately, it's however long it takes you to get from the TT you come in at to 1,200TT. We do occasionally have EMB120 FOs become ACP FOs at around the 800TT mark if they don't seem to be gaining hours quickly.

Our rule of thumb for grooming: "As long as it doesn't impede safety, you are good to go." We, of course, would like for you to look/dress/act professional while you're rocking facial hair, no facial hair, tattoos, no tattoos, etc.

When a position is open and you've submitted your app and resume, you'll have a phone interview where you'll discuss your times and experiences and other HR stuff. You'll also discuss your availability for a class date and your location availability. If all jives well, you'll get a verbal offer asap and once the offer letter is signed, training material will start rolling in. We can't hire more than two months out, so you'll see a class date pretty quickly.

The training process is six weeks long. It starts at our headquarters at DFW. Everyone does the first two weeks at DFW (InDoc and MEICC). After that, it depends on aircraft. For the EMB120, you'll go to Atlanta to our sims there for about two weeks. The last two weeks will be wherever we have the aircraft available. While in training, we'll pay you a training wage and cover your travel, lodging, and per diem.

Hope that all makes sense and I didn't miss anything!

Hey FreightDogs, thanks for the quick response! You've been most helpful.

According to those numbers, I am well qualified, so my next question is how do I go about starting the application process? Also, how do I know when and where there are openings?

Can you shed any light on when the next round of FO hiring might be expected?

I'm still flying now as a CFI, e.g. gaining hours, is it possible to become "overqualified" for the FO position?

927A 02-13-2019 06:53 AM

Originally Posted by frmrbuffdrvr (Post 2762461)
One thing I would add to what FreightDogs said about facial hair. You need to make sure it isn't SO long that it would interfere with the oxygen mask in an emergency. So no "Duck Dynasty" style beard. ;)

Lol I wish it grew that long. :D Anyway I'm aware of the safety concerns; FAA even has an AC one it, 120-43.

927A 02-13-2019 08:37 AM

One other question: What is the likelihood of being transferred to another base, both voluntarily or involuntarily?

frmrbuffdrvr 02-13-2019 09:47 AM

Originally Posted by 927A (Post 2763294)
One other question: What is the likelihood of being transferred to another base, both voluntarily or involuntarily?

Involuntarily isn't likely once you are in a bid position. Unless for some reason your run goes away or the aircraft changes and you aren't qualified or choose not to move to the new one.

Voluntarily is possible if there is an open bid to a different location in the same position or a different aircraft that you are qualified to train into.

Rubberducky65L 02-14-2019 07:46 PM

Ameriflight’s experience can be make or break depending on your base. Fun flying, great pay and benefits. Good Instrument training and intro to Jepp’s and real commercial flying of getting “x” from “a” to “b” on time, within the rules, and safely. Only suggestion I have for anyone looking here is talk to people in the base you want/get. The base managers, supervisors, and pilots make or break the experience. Know your contract. If I had the choice, I’d go again. Flying King airs (ok, 99’s but still) single pilot, no autopilot, raw data in IMC sharpened my skills more than any more instructing would have. Overall its a great job with great benefits and pay. Research your base bids and enjoy the kind of flying you’ll never get to do again

kaputt 02-15-2019 12:05 AM

Can you elect to remain an EMB SIC when you get to the required hours for upgrade into another airframe, or are you forced to upgrade?

frmrbuffdrvr 02-15-2019 06:42 AM

Originally Posted by kaputt (Post 2764564)
Can you elect to remain an EMB SIC when you get to the required hours for upgrade into another airframe, or are you forced to upgrade?

Depends on how long you are talking. The FOs are a required crew member in the E120, so we don't force folks to upgrade like we do with the ACP first officers. We know some pilots are looking to go from here to the regionals and the E120 FO option is a good way to do that. But you need to realize that for us, it is also a way to bring lower time pilots up into our captain ranks so we want to keep a turn over going. So we won't force you to move up when you hit 1200 hours. But if you are over 1200 and your recurrent training is coming due, we will have to look long and hard at whether we want to spend the money keeping you current when we figure you are close to leaving or if we want to spend that to train a new pilot to take the slot.

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