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I got the pool email today. No class date. I interviewed 9/14. 7800 total time mostly 135 some 121. Hope a class pops soon.
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The 15 Oct class may only have 10 newhires, with a pair of transitioning FE's.
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Does anyone know how long it takes to get a class date from the pool? Are there any horror stories of people being stranded there? Just curious..
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Some people during the past 18 months spent nearly a year in the pool......and technically yes it would be possible to be in the pool forever and never called for a class.
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Originally Posted by BugZmasher View Post
Is the atlaspoolie at yahoo address still good?
No! It never worked out the way I intended.
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Originally Posted by kme9418 View Post
Got the pool email today. I'm in! No class date yet. I speculate that the 15 Oct class is full since it's inside of 2 weeks away.

Hope to meet you guys soon.

3,000+ total, all mil (C-21/C-5 IP), CFII, MEI, no tie
Congrats! Look forward to meeting you guys as well
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I'm so excited for you guys in the pool! Congrats! I hope to see you all in the near future! Still awaiting the call here, hopes diminishing slightly, but still fairly high overall...maybe they want PIC time afterall? Until soon! Best of luck to all still waiting for the call, and godspeed in training for all in the pool!
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Originally Posted by Whaledriver View Post
The 15 Oct class may only have 10 newhires, with a pair of transitioning FE's.

I am guessing a total of 3 new guys and a FE.


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Originally Posted by Xing30west View Post
No! It never worked out the way I intended.
Hate to hear that about the email but thanks for the effort. I look forward to meeting everyone at MIA.

3500+ hr Military IP; CFI, II, MEI.

I wore business casual w/tie to the interview. Good luck to everyone applying and upcoming interviewees! As echoed by everyone else, this thread is spot on. Thanks to the experienced guys on here who have provided so much great info.
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Congrats to all the recent pools and new hires.

I'm submitting my application this week. 7200TT, all civilian 135/121. Currently flying 737.

I do have acquaintances at Atlas, but no one I've actually flown with. Does anyone know if it's a plus to list one (or more) of these folks on the PAQ?
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