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Management is just following the CBA. They do that when it is convenient for them.

Originally Posted by CaseTractor View Post
Arenít people beating down the doors to apply, people waiting for months to get a class? If they are metering flow, it just doesnít seem necessary with applications stacked high.

this will only cause people to bail and cause less people to apply. Why did they say this was necessary, does it affect the other two WOs?

20 a month down to 16 now?
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Originally Posted by highfarfast View Post
Is that for the two thin skinned guys that donít work here or is it for the rest of us making fun of them?
It's specifically directed at you of course
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Originally Posted by NoValueAviator View Post
It's specifically directed at you of course
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Default They will leave

Originally Posted by Sasquatched View Post
Sad day for the Envoy pilot group. Just when I thought management was coming around. I hope everyone attempts to speak with their feet. Get those apps out. Seniority is everything and all of ours at AA just took a big hit. Get out of here and let it burn. You might be surprised how little experience you need to get a call from UA or DL. Itís a race to decimate each otherís WO.
I honestly thought that Envoy was starting to pull out of their controlled decent into terrain. Flying with people from January to May and all anyone would talk about is the CJO that they got from DAL, UA, or SW. We were net loss 100 per month back then. Then they announced the money, the people with CJOs left anyway but a new breed of pilots started to emerge. From July until now this new group would say, ďIím making good money. Iíll flow in 1 to 3 years. Iím just going to wait for the flow.Ē I am predicting that with a reduced flow, making every line 4 four day trips a month at best, and now making almost everyone work weekends. The cockpit conversations will shift back to how quickly people can make their exit.
The company actually had a good thing going and they were starting to meet the goal of keeping people until their flow. We donít have as many pilots around as we used to but I have faith that Envoy can make it hard enough enough to work here, (despite the pay) that we can get a few more months of 100+ pilots lost in a month. This isnít a legacy, playing scheduling games before contract negotiations for PBS will have a different, longer lasting, detrimental effect than it is doing at Mainline before their chapter 6 negotiations. The pilot group here isnít accruing AA seniority and they are still looking for their seniority at a legacy.
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Originally Posted by SoFloFlyer View Post
Jokes are funny. That was just stupid.
- asks for the big picture
- gets the big picture
- is upset with the big picture
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im surprised they haven't declared SCC for the rest of the month in DFW. What gives
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They moving to fix reserve rules to make life better like Piedmont just did?
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Originally Posted by Cujo665 View Post
They moving to fix reserve rules to make life better like Piedmont just did?
you know better than that
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Originally Posted by AV8R72 View Post
you know better than that
Should also know better than to believe something in a recruiting advertisement.
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Looks like fish aren't taking the bait unless it is 3X the incentive. A sweet turn has been in open time for a while now, no oneís biting.
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