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Default Limits

Originally Posted by rickt86
It was on my boarding pass, his boarding pass was 2 rows up next to some lady on the double side. I had a 4 leg day, if you include the deadhead leg it was almost 9 hours in the air, and 13 hours duty. We had been CX the night before at 11pm and I had driven home, slept 6 hours, drove back, and was now on my deadhead. I let it go to avoid a huge ordeal, but I think its a tool thing to do. It was not even the seat thing, it was when I came back to grab my paper from the seat back pocket, and pull my boarding pass off the clip holding the tray I asked where he was sitting (as I was curious where I was now sitting), and he got defensive and said well I paid more for my ticket and need the extra leg room (he must have seen me walk up to the cockpit to chat), as I was sitting in the seat for a bit.
You are a better man than I. While I'm all for customer relations and soon as he turned douche bag on me I'd have the gate agent there moving him out of MY seat. If he wants a premium seat....he can pay for it. If he had asked nicely...another story altogether.
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Originally Posted by ysslah
Passengers (and sometimes drew) who take up the entire width of escalator or walkway and don't move over no matter how many people are lined up behind him/her.

People who stop and/or stand in the middle of concourses

The "fat family" that walk (or waddle) four-abreast down the concourse, chatting away, taking up the entire width of the terminal, oblivious to the fact that there are people and electric carts trying to get by them.

Originally Posted by Dashdog
I nominate the guys I fly with that , when switching frequencies, instantly key the mike to check in without even a second of hesitation to see if maybe they are cutting off someone else. Can someone explain this? I see it fairly often.

The guys that, when cleared to cross the runway of which you've been holding short, then contact ground control on the other side, immediately switch to ground before you've even released the brakes to cross the runway.
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Crewmembers who leave their bag handles extended on the employee bus, thereby blocking the middle shelf.
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Originally Posted by buzzpat
Well, I'm older than him and have been flying longer than him so it wasn't that hard.
That's what the FA said.
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I nominate the family we had on our FL-NYC flight yesterday who had a seat for their child (not a lap) but refused to put them in it. They told the FAs they would move their child when it was convenient for them. FAs called us up during pushback to inform us of this.

The CA's response: Tell them it is convenient for me to move him now or we will have all of them removed from the aircraft.


Needless to say the child was moved.
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Originally Posted by gloopy
That's what the FA said.
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Originally Posted by gloopy
That's what the FA said.
LMAO. Well, with the FAs we have today, can you blame me?
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I nominate the Captain I flew with last week. He told me that he didn't understand why as a First Officer I bothered to pick up Open Time, since I didn't make that much money.

Duh! I don't make that much money, so I pick up Open Time!
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Originally Posted by LateralFlyer
I nominate the Captain I flew with last week. He told me that he didn't understand why as a First Officer I bothered to pick up Open Time, since I didn't make that much money.

Duh! I don't make that much money, so I pick up Open Time!
And you should have followed his remark up with, "And that's why the Captains always buy my dinner and beer..."
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Pilots who check on saying "with you" and pilots who check on saying "out of FL 35.9 for FL360" Just say you're level at 360. When asked for winds pilots who say diagonal, major tools!!
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