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Tool of the day

Old 09-13-2015, 09:10 PM
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The tool of them all is always the gate agent who won't list you on your own metal because the new rule is "30 minutes check in time." Umm no. I literally had to call our dispatcher to ACARS the captain to come and get me on my own JS. She really didn't want to spend 60 seconds CASSING me.

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A couple guys I knew who flew a Traffic Watch C-172 while wearing the full monkey suit, four stripes and all.

Now before you say 'Well, they're just complying with company policy," well, I worked for the same operation. The uniform 'policy' was essentially "Don't fly naked," and that was about it.

So 99% of us would show up in shorts and a T-shirt...(maybe a polo shirt and slacks if we were feeling classy)...while these two dudes showed up wearing full regalia. Aviator sunglasses, white collared shirt with four stripes on each shoulder, wings, and a lanyard – which, I might add, had nothing attached to it except for their pilot certificates, since we didn't have company ID and didn't need SIDA badges. Come to think of it, the wings may have been those plastic junior pilot wings.

Now, I understand their desire to look professional, but there's professional, and then there's just plain dorky. I don't care who you are, nobody looks good getting out of a beat-up Traffic Watch 172 in the full costume.
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Oh, one more...

The passenger who complains loudly while deplaning that 'this airline is going to make me miss my connection!"...

...even though you've just arrived at the gate 20 minutes early.

Happened twice on my last 4-day. What is it about air travel that makes the general population lose an average of 30 IQ points the moment they set foot inside a terminal?
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Old 09-14-2015, 04:13 AM
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Originally Posted by John Carr
Well, it's OBVIOUSLY NOT the airline you work for

And you are obviously NOT understanding what I'm saying. Because they screw their OWN guys in the process.

Again, you're not understanding. You are assuming ALL airlines have the same policies and procedures, THEY DON'T. You ever done any JS committee work? This stuff gets real interesting.

See above, it's NOT the airline where the "flow back" verbiage is used, nor an FA JS is an option.

Let me break it down for you this way........

Scenario 1)

Standing in the boarding area. A pilot (non-tool) comes up and says "hey man, I'm listed on the jumpseat, but I ALSO listed for a seat in the back. Hopefully I clear on my SA pass and we BOTH get home today". Again, this is the NON-TOOL variety/experienced commuter.

Scenario 2)

The tool variety; Standing in the boarding area, pilot walks up. "Are you trying to JS? I already listed for it. I didn't bother listing for a seat in the back". Dude walks off.....

He WON'T "flow" to the back, he never listed.

NON-TOOL pilot walks up "hey man, I'm on the JS also. I'm also listed for a seat in the back. That other guy (TOOL) can probably hold a seat in the back, I'm too junior too. If he listed for a seat in the back, I'd get on the JS. But he's not the type to list for both and considerate of other commuters".

Does that make sense and clear it up?
Sometimes it's just easier to name the company you are referring to. Like you said, each company has their own policies. Take DAL, for example. You obviously can't be talking about them, because listing for the Jumpseat and listing as a non rev on the same flight is prohibited.
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Old 09-14-2015, 04:40 AM
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Originally Posted by Hrkdrivr
Aaaaand you had to ruin it with a "Roll Tide!!" Go Tar Heels!!
It's that time of the year, had to!
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Originally Posted by Turbosina
What is it about air travel that makes the general population lose an average of 30 IQ points the moment they set foot inside a terminal?
Ah, I see the problem here. You mistakenly believed they had that extra 30 points to begin with.

with an average SAT reading score of 496, 2012's graduating seniors have the dubious distinction of having attained the worst reading score since 1972.

SAT Reading Scores Are the Lowest Since 1972

Need more proof?

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Individuals who think (and are smug/immature enough to crow about) how other groups of people they (supposedly) work with and FOR are stupid.
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Originally Posted by Sputnik
Interesting you take so many life lessons from movies, as opposed to life or actual history.

Walk into any deloyed SOF camp. You'll be surprised at the lack of grooming standards and uniform uniformity. And yet....somehow they do what they do well.

Patton said what he said. He also picked his own uniforms.
Wait wait, I had to answer this one. Are you literally saying that professionalism isn't intrinsically tied to following rules and guidelines laid down by your company? Cause that's what it sounds like. Calm down sparky this ain't nam, and we ain't spec ops. And for the other super mileage non pilot guy, talking about pilot stuff, Being a good fighter pilot has nothing to do with being professional. I know many viper dudes that if I saw them in the left seat at boarding, I would turn my 2 kids around and we would non-rev to disneyland on the next flight. As tool of the day, I nominate any pilot who thinks they are above the law and breaks policy when it suits them. Slippery slope gentlemen, slippery slope.
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Originally Posted by John Carr
On my own "metal", I ALWAYS list for a seat in the back on a pass, as well as the JS.
I think this is the source of confusion. This is NOT allowed (listing for both) at DL....
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Originally Posted by John Carr

Does that make sense and clear it up?
Yep, it does, thanks.

I'm lucky only to have to commute on my own company's jets, so I'm unfamiliar with other companies' policies.

As Justdoinmyjob said, at DAL you can't list for both a JS and non-rev on the same flight, which is why your argument didn't make sense to me. Neither can you list for a JS or non-rev on more than one flight on the same city-pair on the same day. Keeps people from blocking all the seats, especially the JSs.

The situation you described is pretty crappy. I agree, they're toolish.
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