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Agreed Albief15.
My father never really talked about his "job" in WWII. I got to puzzle it out later. J.C.!!!
I've always found the loudest a** in the room tends to be the least competent and most insecure.

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Originally Posted by Albief15 View Post
If you were fortunate enough to fly fighters, you know what it was like. Others who haven't can only wonder, but you know...

That said, in my life I have seen that typically the amount of boasting one does about their fighter career is inversely proportional to the amount of chatter they do later about it. The Mig/Mirage killers I a board regular...typically are quite humble and quiet. The guy who barely made 2 ship or maybe 4 ship lead before going back to ATC won't shut up.

Be proud of what you did, but remember the aggressor motto: Be humble.
And dude, [Cobb salad with string cheese] with this crap as you have an f15 in your name and a 4 ship of light grays as your hypocrite

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Originally Posted by deadseal View Post
And dude, **** with this crap as you have an f15 in your name and a 4 ship of light grays as your hypocrite
You can call a lot of guys out on here. Albie is one of the classiest guys around. I'd move on.
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You dudes take the Internet way too seriously. Wow.
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TOTD to Doug Parker for this:

American Airlines CEO Says Industry May Never Again Lose Money

The U.S. airline industry has been so transformed in the past five years that the nation’s largest carriers may never again report annual losses, American Airlines CEO Doug Parker told investors recently.

“My personal view is that you won’t see losses in the industry at all,” said Parker, speaking June 8 at American’s annual meeting. “We have gotten to the point where we like other businesses will have good years and bad years, but the bad years will not be cataclysmic. They will just be less good than the good years.”

Parker has long been optimistic, believing airline consolidation has turned Delta Air Lines, United Airlines, Southwest Airlines and American into formidable, sustainable businesses that can weather economic downturns. He even argues American and its competitors can withstand an increase in fuel prices, something they struggled with in 2008, when oil prices jumped unexpectedly.

To illustrate his point, Parker compared American’s 2005 to 2015. In both years, he said, the price of oil cost roughly $55 per barrel. Also in both years, U.S airlines had just about the same number of seats in the marketplace. But in 2005, the overall U.S. economy was growing more rapidly than today, measured by gross domestic product.

Yet in 2005, in what might be considered slightly more favorable conditions, the industry lost roughly $28 billion, while a decade later, in similar conditions, airlines earned $19 billion.

“That’s the difference between life and death,” Parker said. “This is the difference between a business that was dysfunctional and one the edge of insolvency at all times and one that this vibrant and growing and taking care of its customers and employees.”

Parker presented a straight-forward argument for why the industry has changed. He noted that, after a series of mergers, U.S. airlines went from being “fragmented, inefficient [and] unfocused,” to being rational competitors intent on earning returns for shareholders. In the past, carriers were more likely to engage in costly market share battles, which may have hurt earnings. Now, Parker said, U.S. airlines are interested in growing where they can make money. When routes do not perform, airlines often drop them.

American and its competitors are also working to eradicate other problems, Parker said. One is labor-management tensions, long prevalent at all carriers, but especially at American. Nearly every carrier, including American, is rewarding employees with lucrative contracts and hefty profit-sharing payments, and industry morale has generally improved, though it remains to be seen whether carriers can keep paying hefty wages if business becomes less profitable. Carriers have also started planning for the long term, not just one year at at time as they did in the past, Parker said.

“We need to believe that our company and our industry has been fundamentally changed, that things are now different,” Parker said. “It is permanent and it is structural and it is changed.”

Still, even Parker acknowledged the industry will remain cyclical. If oil spikes or the U.S. faces a major terrorist event, demand and profits will slow. But Parker said airlines will be able to withstand it much better than in the past.

“We aren’t suggesting there won’t be cycles in the future,” he said. “There will be. We are a business that is tied to the economic cycles. We are a cyclical business. But we are starting at such a much higher level, that our view is when the down cycles come, you won’t see losses again.”
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From the United Forum:

Originally Posted by intrepidcv11 View Post
Staller, I don't know what a guy named Oscar did for your ex-wife, but I'm sure she found it better then anything you can ever bring.

I don't know but do you think this guy deserves 'Tool of the Day'? Normal decorum should dictate family members are out of bounds.
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Originally Posted by deadseal View Post
at 16 months at big D now I have never heard a captain talk about his past credentials during the welcome PA fwiw.
that is all from me on this
It's a shady 80 thing, mostly Atlanta.....It absolutely happens.
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Originally Posted by cornbeef007 View Post
It's a shady 80 thing, mostly Atlanta.....It absolutely happens.
I've heard it in the back of the plane. Not to the extent of counting cats/traps, but giving branch of service, platform and total hours of flight time.

Actually, much to my surprise, a lot of the customers dug it.

Funny thing is...Ask your ex-military buddies to think of the worst pilots they ever flew with. Then ask them where they work now.
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Originally Posted by cornbeef007 View Post
It's a shady 80 thing, mostly Atlanta.....It absolutely happens.
Yes, happens quite frequently. Before I flew myself I spent a lot of time in back, well, still do, probably 5% of flights from there had a "bio" from the captain.

Originally Posted by captjns View Post
Groupie!!!!!! use that tissue to wipe that brown spot off the old shnazola. Done a wee bit more exciting flying in 6 Continents. How many remember good old Kai Tak with those 40kts x-wind landings with pi$$ing down rain. Now that was fun. But I don't need to relate my 40+ years experience to the folks in the back or anyone else for that matter who really don't give a crap. That's what the bar is for after the day of terrifying feats of commercial aviation after shooting a coupled CATIII Autoland Approach. That is of course if anyone cares to listen to the "There I was" stories.
Whoa, you did a full CATIII coupled autoland? IIIa or IIIb? Awesome!

I do appreciate your posts, and the irony and humor appears to be completely lost, or under-appreciated.

Originally Posted by Snuffaluffagus View Post
You dudes take the Internet way too seriously. Wow.
Yes, it is seriously entertaining! I fear that the ****ers are absolutely serious though.
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I guess I'll cut back on the PA's regarding my days as Red Leader and my 15 Tie-Fighter kills.

That was then. This is now -- we are paid to transport our passengers safely, not regale our daring exploits during the rebellion.

But still: More than a few of my passengers liked it.
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