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Originally Posted by LNL76 View Post
The TSA clowns at JFK who eyeball your ID a few times, look at your face a few times, then ask your name.

Was your Reply....."Muhammad?"
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Originally Posted by Albief15 View Post
I think this guy probably just won a $1000 bet when he told his drinking buddies "I bet I can get a pet duck, dress him up, and fly him to LA without a hitch...."

Hey, Albie, you still mad about losing that $1,000 bucks...??
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Strange, ducks are not even cuddly.
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what about normal ones?
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Originally Posted by LNL76 View Post
Emotional Support Animals have become an utter joke!
Truth. The fact this happens so much is disheartening.
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Originally Posted by NeverHome View Post
Truth. The fact this happens so much is disheartening.
I think an emotional support parrot that was horribly racist or cursed a lot would be entertaining on a flight.
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Originally Posted by NeverHome View Post
Truth. The fact this happens so much is disheartening.
Oh, the ne’er do well counselors and lower-rung psychologists make a great living endorsing and providing certificates for these folks with their emotional support gadgets.

Some wonderful folks just use a pet of their choosing to game the system. Other folks are played by so called mental health professionals as a steady income source

You do realize that emotional support objects are not limited to just living objects. Um, inanimate objects are used for emotional support also. Keep an eye out on the seat next to you when riding in the PAX compartment. Sooner rather than later you are going to be entertained by some very special emotional support inanimate trinkets such as; large framed pictures of loved ones, puppets, bedding materials, just about anything you can imagine and of course the always guaranteed crowd pleaser; large dolls of all types (blow up type included, yes this is documented folks).

Well of course, the airlines are also going to be ready to make extra money off these folks that are willing to pay for an extra seat for their emotional support critters, imaginary friends, and objects of choice.

No need to attend carnival freak shows (or political conventions) any longer as their cast of stars are regularly glorified among us now. But then we knew this already from watching the daily parade of the flying public.
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Duck? not impressed.

Now a comfort hooker on a flight? Now I'm impressed. Better yet, two.
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At least our jobs are safe. Even if airliners are completely automated, passengers will still demand a "Comfort Pilot".
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Originally Posted by tomgoodman View Post
At least our jobs are safe. Even if airliners are completely automated, passengers will still demand a "Comfort Pilot".
I like "Comfort Pilots!" .
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