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Am I missing something with the online "first officer opportunities"?

There is the page to enter in your flight hours and such, then another page for uploading a resume and cover letter, but I can't seem to find an actual application to fill out. And using the job search tool always comes up blank.
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I didn't know the FO window had opened up again. Did you apply earlier?
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Best I can tell the window isn't currently open. I can see an old application from last year but that's it.
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Originally Posted by Beechnut View Post
It exists. And yes the doors are closed.
PHC consists of CP and some other pilots/HR personnel, all outlined in the FOM. The PINS committee guys are the important ones for trying to get hired, they all come out of pilot recruiters.

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Everything is documented in the FOM (Flight Ops Manual) so there is no super secret club, other than the names of those who are on the committees (which isn't in the FOM). The PINS guys are pilot recruiters with 5+ years experience as recruiters, and they are the ones who decide who gets an interview. The PHC are the Chief Pilot, Director Flight Training, Director Flight Standards and Director Talent Acquisition. I am told they meet every 2 weeks to review files of those candidates whose backgrounds have been completed. Since TBNT emails went out this week, they must have just met, so the next one would be in 2 weeks (if the pattern holds true)
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Anyone have a guess at when the application window is going to open again??

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July 13, 1530z
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Originally Posted by Spooledup View Post
July 13, 1530z
Specifics, I like it.

Does anyone remember or know what they use for military conversion? I've heard both 1.3 times your flight hours,and the much more common .3 per sortie. I guess more importantly, is that going to be spelled out on the application?
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1.3 x total mil flying hours. It wasn't spelled out on the web application but it was on the paper app I filled out once considered for interviewing.
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Does anyone know how many breaks there will be while in new hire training? When training starts, does it continue for six to seven weeks without any breaks? Thanks
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