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Are F/Os really scum?

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As to the original question...yes
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Originally Posted by AKcharger View Post
As to the original question...yes
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Originally Posted by BigfatQ View Post
I would just feel silly asking to check in with the captain when I'm jumpseating in the cabin of an A330 on an International flight. Especially if I'm all the way in the rear cabin. But I guess one day I might get kicked out
You very well might. Jumpseaters are required to check in at my airline. We also work hard to get them moved up to better seats than the agent provides.
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Originally Posted by cessna157 View Post
He didn't say one word to me the entire time. Didn't look at me. Didn't acknowledge my existence.
I've had this happen twice when jumpseater's checked in. First time the Capt basically stopped the process, introduced me and wouldn't continue the process till said jumpseater acknowledged my existence. Good boss...

Second time I waited till 10,000 and jumped in the conversation uninvited. By the time the jumpseater (United) left, he was giving us his contact information to get in touch with him to be introduced to his base CP. I don't think he had been intentionally rude, just doing the minimum to get through the process of getting the seat.

Originally Posted by leardriver View Post
Shake it off bro. If this happens on my jump seat I will tell this jerk to show my fellow crew members a little respect or he can find another way home!
...again, good boss!

Originally Posted by AKcharger View Post
As to the original question...yes
..but proud scum!
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Why do you want to interact with the jumpseater?
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Originally Posted by NoValueAviator View Post
Why do you want to interact with the jumpseater?
I like it because after spending 3 eight hour days with the rest of my crew it gives some new life to conversation.
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