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Old 06-15-2019, 05:40 AM   #17591  
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Joined APC: Jun 2019
Position: E175 Captain
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Thanks for all the updates. Looks like all the stuff I’ve heard about Atlas was wrong. Time to look elsewhere. Safe flying everyone!
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Old 06-15-2019, 01:39 PM   #17592  
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Originally Posted by atpcliff View Post
I have flown with a number of Atlas pilots, over the years, and have not met anyone with the characteristics you have mentioned. I have flown with a very few Atlas pilots who had problems with CRM...none of them are at Atlas anymore.
I flew with two of them in my final 3 months. They do exist.
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Old 06-17-2019, 03:24 AM   #17593  
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Originally Posted by V1AutoPilot View Post
No K4, and I've read a fair amount of the threads. Plenty of friends at Atlas and WG. Many on 767 / 747 for Atlas.

Leaning towards Atlas seeing as I don't mind working extra for some pay. Probably stay until Delta or Southwest offers come (probably 5-8 years on a conservative estimate). Heavy type and international experience can never hurt.

I suppose I just don't want to go into Atlas blind and find any strongly sickening info too late. Care to hit me with some mines I'll be dodging? Besides the whipsaw and contract negotiations. If Atlas wants to keep Amazon a contract is inevitable and I imagine will be Kalitta pay at minimum for industry standard.
Great. Another company hero. Exactly what we need.
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Old 06-23-2019, 06:15 PM   #17594  
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Originally Posted by Turbine1 View Post
For those looking at Atlas, the company won in arbitration yesterday against the union efforts on the Southern side to stop the amalgamation of the Atlas and Southern CBA’s. The union had a stronger argument re Southern. Atlas will now very likely prevail with the second arbitrator and amalgamation will proceed.

Our CEO and COO are on record this very week saying “We will never get FDX or UPS rates”. DOT statistics show AAWW is the number 2 cargo airline in Freight Ton Kilometers carried, slightly behind FDX. Our productivity per pilot is double FDX and UPS; that doesn’t even include our daily pax flights....but we don’t deserve FDX or UPS compensation “because they’re not our competitors”.

The facts. The AAWW pilot group will be the only pilots in the US to never be allowed a vote on their CBA. As currently you’ll make 60% or more less than industry standard pay, with no work rules. You’ll self fund your retirement. Substandard vacation and sick leave; if you get seriously sick or lose your license too bad as there is no long term disability. Training is self study with no AQP because it would cost the company more money. Failure rates are heading north of 30%. The company has plainly stated for our next CBA they wish to eliminate all instructors on our seniority list and replace them with low paid contract instructors, eliminate the gateway travel program and all domestic catering. The pilot group will fund whatever pay raise an arbitrator imposes in 2 to 3 years with those cost savings. As it was here in the 90’s...again it will be travel to work on your days off on other airlines metal, no commuter clauses and pay for your in base hotels. There goes your pay raise.

There will be lots of vacancies as hundreds of Atlas/Southern pilots are now off the fence and will be updating their apps to GTFO as I am, now that the future is in sight.

Given our statistics, management and litigation path forward should you join the ranks you will work twice as hard for less than half the pay. The historical Jeff Bezos worker model. It’s no coincidence AAWW is the Belle of the ball for an Amazon Prime Air/DHL partnership.
Your right. I was one of those guys who was on the fence. But now I’ve jumped off and GTFO.
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hey 744driver

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