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Oh that's interesting the recruiter told me it may be in trial runs for AQP but never mentioned That in fact it was .
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Originally Posted by PilotJ3
The 700 is AQP initial.
It wasn't in October, so they must have JUST got it.
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When I was down in recurrent, there was the one DFW 145 new hire from May who I understand was doing the inaugural AQP long term with a qualified upgrade who volunteered to do the whole enchilada. Not sure about the CRJ. I thought initial CRJ AQP wasn't happening yet
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The E175 is all AQP. Hard to fail!
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Originally Posted by E175 Driver
The E175 is all AQP. Hard to fail!
But not impossible
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Originally Posted by Bob Loblaw
But not impossible

You forgot he's on a cake walk.
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The CRJ is in small group trial for CRJ initial AQP.
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Originally Posted by crj700
The CRJ is in small group trial for CRJ initial AQP.
I stand corrected then. Thanks
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Originally Posted by E175 Driver
The E175 is all AQP. Hard to fail!
Careful, I know new hires that somehow managed to mess up their SV/PVs, and several that have busted their MV's lately on single engine stuff. It's just a retrain day and do it over again but still.. doesn't look good and I'm sure you probably accrue training points and get yourself put on a list somewhere. Not sure if that puts them into "special tracking" or not. Might just be busting a QLOE that does that, I'm not sure. But I wouldn't want to find out.
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Originally Posted by Mistek89
How is the training on the 145/700 in regarfs to not being AQP for the initial ?
175 AQP Training is basically the same all the way through up until the end and the checking events except for half of your days one week will be in the ground trainer sim. AQP oral is easier since it is not just an instructor asking you whatever random questions he wants, and AQP doesn't have a "type ride" that you have to perform perfectly with no errors and no ability to retrain.

AQP for the 175 has an SV for the Oral (systems validation). Its systems questions from a question bank/memory items/limitations. The traditional Oral, the instructor could ask you anything, it's all fair game. Much harder and more work to study for because they literally could ask you anything. AQP is not that way anymore which is nice.

After the SV, you go next door into the ground trainer, non motion computerized sim and do your PV (performance validation) I think is the term? You demonstrate that you know your flows and can perform a flight one leg. Showing you are ready for the sim.

(7) 4 hour sim sessions, then 2 more 4 hour events = MV/QLOE

AQP has an MV (manuever's validation), which is like all the the standard type ride stuff, but now it's done with a sim partner instead of an instructor pilot and the MV also has the ability to retrain 2 events, once. (time limiting).

QLOE is the qualifying event, it is basically just a line flight between 2 cities with a CA/FO paired up, 2 legs with some systems abnormals/low vis/a go around and possibly a need for a divert thrown in. Operate it just as you would as a crew in the real world. Much lower stress than a traditional "type ride".

Everything is changing to AQP but if you did have to go through the old program, it's not that bad. We have all done it that way for years. I have been through all 3. EMB hardest (ground/oral) for some reason they want you to know everything you don't "need" to know and memorize lots more useless numbers on the simplest of the 3 aircraft / CRJ easier more gentlemen's ground course / E175 Easiest ground/Oral by far but (hardest sim I thought, steeper learning curve, mostly unlearning everything from the other aircraft and transitioning to all the VNAV/auto throttle crap) but Easier lower stress check rides in the end.

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