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Originally Posted by Packrat View Post
Don't feel alone. Its all part and parcel to the "entitlement" generation. They only take pride in being Level 259 in some video game. They could care less about the professional pride that comes with flying a jet within prescribed parameters.

Its enough to make any old fart grumpy.
Jeez, sounds like someone overmixed your guys' Metamucil.
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Originally Posted by captjns View Post
That's the beauty of CPDLC. Set the od alarm clock to 10 minutes before the next FIR or switch over point, dim the lights and enjoy the dull humm of the motors.
...and await your next GNE!
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Default Tool of the day

Wow did that ever snowball!

Anyways, I'm just glad I'm not like any of all that you're tossing out; so thanks for the informative posts to those who fly lots of nights.

Take care and best of luck with all you do; especially baby'ing those noobs! Don't let 'em getcha!

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Today's dork. A ups jumpseater wearing a 757 shirt with a 747-800 hat that felt he had to write under "position" on the jumpseat form "747-400" Capt. You are a tool.
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Originally Posted by chucknorris View Post
Today's dork. A ups jumpseater wearing a 757 shirt with a 747-800 hat that felt he had to write under "position" on the jumpseat form "747-400" Capt. You are a tool.
Ha! Awesome.
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Originally Posted by chucknorris View Post
Today's dork. A ups jumpseater wearing a 757 shirt with a 747-800 hat that felt he had to write under "position" on the jumpseat form "747-400" Capt. You are a tool.
Agreed!!! He drives an 18 wheeler... no less!! Sounds like he truly needs to get a life outside of this job!!

Stay warm,

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Don't be the guy who decidedness to drag wife on a layover. Makes myself and the driver wait 25 minutes while she clears customs and immigration. Then expects me to sit in the front seat of the small cab for an hour plus drive, the one time they don't bring the Lexus or BMW 7 series sedan.

OK if you at could have at least asked "Do you mind?". Tool of the day.
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My nomination:

Trying to commute to work on a mainline flight that was beyond oversold, I politely requested the actual jumpseat from the Captain. With my documents and my ID at the ready, I asked, "Excuse me, Captain, sir, I'd like to request a ride in the jumpseat with your permission."

Captain takes a long look at me. "Who are you with?"

Me: "Skywest, Captain."

Captain gives me a look like I'd just relieved myself in his cornflakes. "You people are taking our flying, you know."

Me: "Well, sir, I'm just trying to get to work and I was just hoping you could help me out."

Captain (aggrieved sigh): "Do you HAVE to sit up here with us?"

Me: "Well sir, the flight is 10 oversold, but I'm happy to sit in back if a seat happens to open up."

Captain (louder aggrieved sigh): "Fine. If you MUST ride, then you must."

What made it hard to keep a straight face was that during this entire conversation, both the F/O and the lead F/A were standing behind the CA making silly faces and trying to imitate Mr. Grumpypants's facial expressions.

Same Captain then spent the rest of the flight complaining about the temerity of regional pilots who shouldn't be allowed to fly anything bigger than a Metroliner.

When he got up to use the lav, the instant the door closed, the F/O turns to me and goes "Can you believe that guy? I've been having to put up with this ---- for the past 4 days. I'm about ready to lock him out of the --- cockpit. Let me buy you a coffee when we land, to apologize." He was very kind. But I insisted on buying HIM the coffee

I got to work on time, though.
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Ironically, it was mainline pilots who voted to give up scope...not RJ pilots somehow "stealing" mainline flying.
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One of my FA's told me tonight that she sleeps with the iron plugged in and laying on her bed because the heat repels bed bugs…I was speechless, all I could think was she has very limited days on this planet left. I don't know what the odds of an iron catching a mattress on fire, but I do know that when caught on fire, one will burn rather quickly!!! Her odds can't be to damn good!!!
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